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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

  1. 1. Czech Republic
  2. 2. Location
  3. 3. FLIGHT• Departure from Malaga at 15:20 arrival toPrague (Ruzyne) at 21:25.• Back we went to Prague (Ruzyne) at 6:40 andarriving in Malaga at 14:40.• Total flight costs return € 176
  4. 4. CAR RENTAL• VW POLO: easyjet company is valued at €33.96 per day, in total € 237.75
  5. 5. • Language: Czech• Typical gastronomy: the national dish is porkwith pasta and cabbage. Other dishes includedumplings and marinated loin.
  6. 6. TOURIST SIGHTS:La Catedral de San Vito dePraga
  7. 7. La Torre de la Polvora de Praga
  8. 8. La Iglesia de Loreto de Praga
  9. 9. •Currency: Czech crown is.•Religion is a predominantly atheist country, theCatholic religion is practiced by some minorityand the Jewish religion.
  10. 10. Capital: Prague.Flag:Number of inhabitants: 10,507,000
  11. 11. First Day• We arrived at 10 am to Prague. Come to theshelter to drop things (until lunch). At 7 on the14th we go to the theater that lasts 90minutes and costs 87 euros all three.
  12. 12. Second day• We will go to visit the concentration campTezerin among all 135 euros. Then we go on acruise that costs 30 together. Then we willwalk through the center of Prague.
  13. 13. Third Day• Visit Karlstejn Castle at 11:00 until 14:00 noon31.80 it costs among all the restauranteuros.Almorzaremos Jina Krajina and we get21 euros between the three. Well havedinner at the restaurant Celeste that costs81.39 euros between the three.
  14. 14. Fourth Day• Visit the Powder Tower in Prague from 9:00until 12:00 and it cost us 5.88 together.Lunchat the Mc Donald costs us 30 euros. Visit theRoyal Garden of Prague from 16:00 until 18:00and is free. Dinner with show € 178.50.
  15. 15. Fifth Day• At 12:00 we go there we had lunch transeptand costs 87 €. We leave the restaurantHergert cihelna dinner costs us € 23.1.
  16. 16. Sixth Day• Visit Prague Loreto Church from 9:00 to 12:15cost us € 12.93 together. Lunch at therestaurant U Sadlu and 34.8 euros it costs ustogether. Visit the St. Vitus Cathedral inPrague from 16:00 to 17:40 pm and admissionis free. Dinner at the Mc Donald costs us 30euros.
  17. 17. Seventh-day• Lunch at the restaurant Kampa Park and itcost us 69.63 euros together, and then go to amusic festival in Karlovy Lazne from 21:00 to17:00 the next day and it cost us 20.88together.
  18. 18. Last Day• Well take the plane at 6:40 and arrive atMalaga airport at 14:40.