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Our Opening Title sequence presentation

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Our plan for our opening title sequence, and how our film plot is going to be hidden within our opening sequence

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Our Opening Title sequence presentation

  1. 1. Opening title sequence ‘My lips our sealed’
  2. 2. Production company logo initial idea
  3. 3. shot ideas
  4. 4. Iconography  Guns  Blood  Newspapers  Money  Tree’s  Shadows  Night time  Buildings  Paths/streets  Red lips
  5. 5. Target audience Our target audience is aimed at late teens/ middle aged men to match the type of audience that film noir has, however as an untypical convention, our female anti-hero will attract a female audience.
  6. 6. plot  Female anti-hero who is a crime reporter.  Her boyfriend is part of a gang who carry out crimes for money.  She is only seeing her boyfriend to get information out of him so the police can catch them out and arrest them.  Her boyfriend finds out and plans to hunt her down and kill her, so she plans a report for her own “death”.  After her fake death, she works along side the police force to catch them in the act.  The gang get caught in the act and get arrested, but in doing so, the girl gets shot.
  7. 7. My role  Playing the female anti-hero  Organising and creating props  Help with editing  Organising scenery and places to film  Working with Megan to help to write the script for the voiceover.
  8. 8. How will we match the genre  All of our shoot will be in black and white, but we will pick out red to foreshadow the murder in the film.  We will use a lot of scenery shots to match the airiness of film noir.  With the different scenery shots, we want to play about with the idea of shadows, and the shapes they create.  Our characters will still have the noir traits, however we the roles are reverse, so we will have a female anti-hero and a male femme fatale. Our female lead will also have the seductiveness and the look of the femme fatal, but our handsome gent manipulates to get what he wants.
  9. 9. Location  River Wensum  Elm hill  Garden  forests  Around the house
  10. 10. What types of credits  Most of our credits will be animated and added in during editing, however we may decide to write names out in words with branches/leaves for effect.
  11. 11. Form- analogical  Our OTS forms a flashback for our main anti-hero, we want to reenact the moment where she fakes her own death, and all the way through you believe she is committing suicide, however it isn’t revealed to the very last shot that she is actually alive. This leaves the audience guessing what happened and on the edge of their seats wanting to know more.