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2014 in the numbers – fun stats from the #p9family

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Metrics and vanity metrics from the Point Nine Family of Web startups.

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2014 in the numbers – fun stats from the #p9family

  1. 1. Create infographics 2014 IN THE NUMBERS Fun stats from the #P9Family 8 Hours per week saved by a typical Clio user by using Clio 92 FreeAgent's Net Promoter Score (NPS) in a recent PCMag survey 2,500 Potential investments turned down by Point Nine (we did make 14 investments in 2014 though!) 160,000 Risk indicator messages assessed by RiskMethods (of which 1% represent incidents that require immediate attention) 500,000 Pieces of clothing purchased by Momox (after soft-launching clothing trade-in earlier this year) 500,000 Consumer loans issued by Kreditech on the single day of December 22, 2014 (in €) 700,000 Medical appointments booked by DocPlanner users 1,200,000 Infographics created using (and now there are 1,200,001 ;-) ) 2,400,000 Invoices created by inFakt customers 2,700,000 Follow-ups sent via Contactually 2,900,000 Appointments booked using Samedi 5,000,000 Products sold by Westwing 9,000,000 Members on Couchsurfing 10,500,000 Messages handled in Front 11,000,000 Entries collected by Typeform customers 15,000,000 Alert emails sent by ServerDensity (as a result of processing 4 petabytes of incoming data) 22,000,000 Banking transactions processed by Mambu 30,000,000 Leads generated using Unbounce 35,000,000 Number of people using Brainly every month 60,000,000 Sales transactions done on Vend 130,000,000 Words translated by Gengo 190,000,000 Fyber's valuation in its acquisition by RNTS Media (in $) 300,000,000 People served by Zendesk customers 500,000,000 Dollar amount invoiced via Jobber 500,000,000 Dollar amount raised by Delivery Hero 1,100,000,000 Sales done on Handshake (in $) 3,000,000,000 Freight spend (in $) analyzed by Xeneta, across 46,000 port-to-port pairs 3,000,000,000 Mentions found by, well, Mention 3,300,000,000 API calls made by Geckoboard 30,000,000,000 API calls made by Algolia