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Bootstrapping eCommerce with WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. @chrisburgess #BigDigitalADL Bootstrapping eCommerce with WordPress
  2. Who’s this guy? • Chris Burgess • Tech geek • Co-founder of digital marketing agency Clickify • Co-organiser of Melbourne WordPress Meetup and Melbourne SEO Meetup
  3. We’re going to cover… • What are popular eCommerce options? • Why WordPress and WooCommerce? • What are WooCommerce’s features? • How do I extend WooCommerce? • Does WordPress and WooCommerce scale? • How do I measure my site’s performance? • What are the other considerations?
  4. What are popular eCommerce options?
  6. Why WordPress and WooCommerce ?
  7. May 2003 May 2017 June 2010 Source:
  8. WordPress is the top content management system for 52% of all sites on the Internet and 29% of top 10k sites Source:
  9. WooCommerce powers over 41% of all ecommerce sites and 10% of top 10k ecommerce sites Source:
  10. WooCommerce boasts 24,380,618 downloads 3+ million active installs
  11. Active Global Community Source:
  12. Open Source – Free as in Freedom
  13. Resources and Documentation
  14. Developer Friendly
  15. Multi Country Multi Language Multi Currency
  16. Flexible
  17. Part of a (much) larger WordPress ecosystem
  18. What are WooCommerce’s features?
  19. Source:
  20. How do I extend WooCommerce?
  21. WooCommerce Extensions Source:
  22. Memberships Source:
  23. Subscriptions Source:
  24. Bookings Source:
  25. Variations Swatches and Photos Source:
  26. Product Vendors Source:
  27. Stripe (and other payment gateways) Source:
  28. Xero (and other accounting packages) Source:
  29. Waitlist Source:
  30. WooCommerce Points and Rewards Source:
  31. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier Source:
  32. WPML – WooCommerce Multilingual Source:
  33. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Source:
  34. MailChimp for WooCommerce Source:
  35. Point of Sale
  36. Does WordPress and WooCommerce scale?
  37. “We’ve seen instances of shops with 100,000+ products listed, handling thousands of transactions per minute. In those cases, they had great hosting support and their own developer team focused on optimization.” Source:
  38. Performance is a combination of your site build, configuration and server stack.
  39. How do I measure my sites performance?
  40. WooCommerce – Standard Reporting Source:
  41. Google Search Console Source:
  42. Google Analytics Source:
  43. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro Source:
  44. WooCommerce Customer History Source
  45. What are the other considerations?
  46. With great power comes great responsibility
  47. Don’t wait until you see something like this…
  48. • Back up your website at least daily • Patch early and patch often • Use security plugins or services • Use SSL Practice good website maintenance and security
  49. Leverage Google Shopping Campaigns Source:
  50. Google Product Feed Source:
  51. What next?
  52. Getting Help • Support Forums ( • Local Meetups ( • WordCamps ( • WooCommerce Resources ( • WP Australia ( • WP Australia Slack ( • WordPress Slack (
  53. Any questions? @chrisburgess #BigDigitalADL

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