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17 - Creating the Schools We Need #ISTETransforms

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Slide deck from #ISTE17 - Creating the Schools We Need
This gives educators a series of 10 word prompts to get them thinking about school change.

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17 - Creating the Schools We Need #ISTETransforms

  1. Creating The Schools We Need Chris Lehmann Head of Schools Science Leadership Academies @chrislehmann
  2. #istetransforms
  3. This...
  4. Or this.
  5. What Do You Believe?
  6. Ten Words: Schools should help students become...
  7. Thoughtful, Wise, Passionate and Kind
  8. How Do We Get There From Here?
  9. The Next Ten Words: Technology Helps Me Realize My Vision by....
  10. Technology Transforms: Creation Research Collaboration Presentation Networking
  11. Teachers
  12. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. -- Alvin Toffler
  13. What Are Your “Legacy Apps?” (And How Can You Change Them?)
  14. The Next Ten Words: Technology means that I have to let go of...
  15. Systems and Structures Class Schedules Seating Chart Assessment Grading Curriculum Professional Development Administration Parent Relations
  16. Ten Words After That: [System] can now change this way...
  17. In 2017-18, learning can be... The Last Ten Words:
  18. Join us: The Book: Building School 2.0 (with Zac Chase) The Blog: The School: The Organization: The Conference: EduCon XI January 26-28, 2018