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Meet the women and technology running container orchestration at

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Solutions Architect Sawssen Bardaoui introduces the technology and women behind, the Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform that helps companies like Magento, Symfony, The Economist and Ironman build, run and scale.

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Meet the women and technology running container orchestration at

  1. 1. Meet the Women and Technology Running Container Orchestration at European Women in Tech 2018, Amsterdam
  2. 2. Sawssen Bardaoui Customer Solutions Architect
  3. 3. For every advancement, there’s a new set of challenges: CI tools; virtualization; multiple clouds; each with its own idiosyncrasies.
  4. 4. There’s another way.
  5. 5. Applications are more than just code.
  6. 6. Containerization Packaged to run quickly, reliably, and easily portable from one environment to another
  7. 7. FAST.
  8. 8. Modular.
  9. 9. PORTABLE.
  10. 10. LXC Choose a container management system: ● Lightweight ● Gives you control ● Greater flexibility
  11. 11. Criteria for choosing a storage management system: ● Distributed ● Fault-tolerant ● Scalable to exabyte level ● Can use commodity hardware
  12. 12. Logical Volume Manager The secret sauce for creating copies of prod to troubleshoot bugs
  13. 13. And now to orchestrate it all.
  14. 14. Apache Zookeeper Designed to store coordination data: status information, configuration, location information, etc.
  15. 15. > git checkout -b “Big Sale Promo” > git checkout -b “NYC Launch” > git checkout -b “Bugfix SUV-333” > git checkout -b “Fixing dependency” > git checkout -b “Added mongodb” > git merge master Use Git for everything
  16. 16. Galera Cluster ● Multi-master, Active-Active Cluster: Read and write to any node at any time. ● Synchronous Replication: No slave lag, no data is lost at node crash. ● Same state in all nodes. ● Multi-threaded Slave: Better performance. ● Hot Standby: no downtime during failover (since there is no failover). Running 3 or more MySQL servers together with replicated data
  17. 17. What do Zookeeper and Galera have in common? ← Galera Consensus Zookeeper Consensus →
  18. 18. Container orchestration is not easy
  19. 19. We’re hiring!
  20. 20. "One of the most intriguing aspects of is our team. We come from all over the world, different career and tech backgrounds, wide variety of individual strengths and talents, yet we form a cohesive group where everyone is welcome and valued." Maria Antinkaapo. VP of Customer Success
  21. 21. Join us! Talk to Robert Douglass and myself to join us!