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Christmas family traditions in china

Christmas celebration in China is a family affair. People decorate their homes with lanterns and paper chains and indulge in grand feasts

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Christmas family traditions in china

  1. 1. Christmas family traditions in China
  2. 2. How popular is Christmas in China
  3. 3. China has a small Christian population. This is the reason the Christmas is not celebrated as grandly as in many western countries. It doesn’t mean Chinese Christians do not enjoy the festival. Chinese families have their own way of celebrating the festival
  4. 4. Christmas decoration
  5. 5. If you observe the decoration pattern of a family enjoying Christmas in China, you will understand that they use similar type of decoration as they use for other Chinese festivals. Usually a paper tree is installed in homes. The tree and homes are decorated with paper lanterns and red paper chains, two of the most popular Chinese decoration item. The entire family participate in the decoration activity.
  6. 6. Feasting
  7. 7. Like in other parts of the world, Christian families in Chinas as well indulge in some grand feasting during the festival. People invite friends and relatives home. Some families also visit restaurants for feast instead of cooking it at home. This is also the time when people visit their parents and grandparents.
  8. 8. Fireworks
  9. 9. Besides the above traditions, people also celebrate Christmas in China with fireworks. This type of celebration could be seen more commonly in urban regions than the rural. So the festival is celebrated with more grandness in the cities.