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WGIL Lightening Talk

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Short presentation about developing new SLCs based on the new Framework. Presented via Zoom for the SUNY Library Association Working Group for Information Literacy (WGIL)

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WGIL Lightening Talk

  1. 1. September – Carleen Huxley SUNY Jefferson Community College Developing new Student Learning Competencies based on the Framework
  2. 2. Previous model of Assessment Used a selection of the ACRL Standards (5) and had students take a quiz at the end of the semester. Quiz focused on assessing concepts. We were interested in finding a way to assess application of those concepts
  3. 3. Already taken it once Already taken it twice “Dude! This is my third time!” Current model of library instruction We were looking for a way to provide a foundation for collaborative instructional design and assessment, using scaffolding techniques.
  4. 4. Middle States SUNY GenED Goals: Create a flexible set of local outcomes that 1. could easily satisfy multiple assessment standards. 2. could be easily adapted and integrated across the curriculum and the disciplines. JCC Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes JCC 6
  5. 5. Student Learning Competency vs. Student Learning Outcomes A general statement that describes the desired knowledge, skills, and behaviors vs. A very specific statement that describes exactly what a student will be able to do in some measurable way.
  6. 6. IL SLC 1: ACCESS Students will understand the role of the library in college learning and have the ability to access library services and resources. IL SLC 2: INQUIRY Students will be able to use appropriate discovery methods to define an initial topic and formulate a focused research question. IL SLC 3: SEARCH Students will apply appropriate search strategies to effectively and efficiently locate reliable information related to a topic. IL SLC 4: EVALUATION Students will evaluate information using a variety of criteria to determine it’s value, relevance and accuracy. IL SLC 5: ATTRIBUTION Students will demonstrate an understanding of why, when, and how to give proper attribution to original ideas. JCC Information Literacy Student Learning Competencies
  7. 7. Created a new tutorial influenced by the new SLCs
  8. 8. But the Student Learning Outcomes are flexible. These are the outcomes we recommend but Faculty/departments can adjust these to fit their needs and discipline. Student Learning Competencies remain the same.
  9. 9. Competencies (SLCs) • General skill/behavior Outcomes (SL0s) • Specific/more measurable Performance Indicator • How specific “performance” aligns with outcome
  10. 10. HIS 151
  11. 11. ENG 101
  12. 12. How’s it going? Challenges? • Still don’t have much buy-in from the rest of campus • Disconnected effort. We’re assessing content that was produced without our SLCs/SLOs in mind. So what is the assessment telling us? • It shows that students are not applying IL concepts/skills in their research…per our expectations. • What are faculty/campus expectations for IL? What do they really feel a student should know once they graduate from a two-year institution?