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Lean IT Summit 2013

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Lean IT Summit 2013

  1. 1. A company’s hoshin kanri journey: radical business transformation from traditional application services to disruptive innovation Leonardo Mattiazzi, VP EMEA & ASPAC VP of Innovation
  2. 2. Quick re-cap applying hoshin kanri in a high growth IT service organization Cesar Gon, CEO Ci&T, Lean IT Europe, Paris, November 2012
  3. 3. Current Conditions Goals Gap Analysis Countermeasures
  4. 4. Some examples growth enablement Increase maturity level of leaders Goal: 52% improvement Creation of the Technical Training Office Enhancements to Career Plan up Key Person Maturity Level mapping ow ll y fo Leadership training hl ont m Virtual training corporate performance Reduce fixed costs relative to rev Goal: 20% improvement Creation of the Hoshin Office Fixed Costs deep dive p wu o Travel vouchers foll ly nth Travel budgets mo Global relocation process review
  5. 5. Types of Countermeasures Kaizen - continuous improvement Kaizen - continuous improvement known processes Kaikaku - radical change maybe new processes Both suppose a known problem with a root cause identified
  6. 6. The follow-up plan Annual planning cycles Monthly check & adapt cycles Standardization takes time!
  7. 7. How about innovation? Definition of innovation (OECD): “The introduction of a new product or service in the market or of a product or service with significantly improved features” 1 Solving an unknown problem 2 Can not wait a year 3 It is not about standardization
  8. 8. What were our drivers? 1 True North 2015: non-linear growth 2 Increased competition: sweet spot threatened by less expensive players
  9. 9. What were our drivers? 1 True North 2015 Disrupt some markets... Lead the industry... Change the world...
  10. 10. How can “lean” help? “The subject lean and innovation is relatively new…” Dec 2012 Oct 2010 Jan 2007 Oct 2012
  11. 11. So what have we done? Disrupt!
  12. 12. What tools have we used? one single initiative pivot or die! portfolio based not emulate startups
  13. 13. What tools have we used?
  14. 14. Results ? starting point Distribution Contract Under Discussion Client basis for new strategy in ASPAC Today POCs Go2Mkt real disruption potential Several Use Cases Identified
  15. 15. The process from ? to
  16. 16. Soft benefits intensive collaboration and learning 8 communities 100 people n posts / week conversations with top biz executives door opener market knowledge access to business fast decisions speed-nemawashi (no drama!) asymmetrical bets strong bonds with one of the most innovative companies in the world
  17. 17. Investments pre-Disrupt! XXXXXXXXX BRL 212k Disrupt! Jan - Aug Prod Dev XXXXXXXXX BRL 257k Go-to-market XXXXXXXXX BRL 290k A lot of executive time and attention Events: 1 Europe 2 USA 1 China (Timex)
  18. 18. CI&T Digital Brain Understand your customers’ journey real-time marketing intelligence Deliver content that influences behavior
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. Leonardo Mattiazzi, LMattiazzi @lmattiazzi