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Creating Change in Your Enterprise

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Changing how people think and work in an enterprise is HARD. Here are some of the tactics I've seen work in my 3 years as an acquisition into Microsoft.

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Creating Change in Your Enterprise

  1. 1. Creating Change in Your Enterprise Cindy Alvarez (@cindyalvarez) Director of UX, Yammer (Microsoft) & author, Lean Customer Development
  2. 2. "It takes extraordinary effort to stop doing something in our comfort zone." Marshall Goldsmith Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be
  3. 3. Get ready to START DOING
  4. 4. Working backwards
  5. 5. Explaining what you want to happen
  6. 6. WRITE (5 min) • What are you going to start doing? • What do you want to happen? EXPLAIN (5 min)
  7. 7. Pre-emptively anticipate the worst
  8. 8. Breaking the law Bending the rules Assuming we can’t do that
  9. 9. DISCUSS (20 min) • What will skeptics / detractors say? • How will we acknowledge and reassure?
  10. 10. Set (ridiculous) time limits
  11. 11. Share unfinished ideas
  12. 12. Second-guess yourself
  13. 13. WRITE (10 min) • What actions are you going to take next? • When will we stop and assess? (X tasks, Y time…) EXPLAIN (5 min)
  14. 14. Bring more people along
  15. 15. Sell what you've learned
  16. 16. Keep recruiting allies!
  17. 17. I’m always listening – ask away! @cindyalvarez