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Practicing Customer Development (for Lean Startup Circle Copenhagen)

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Practicing Customer Development (for Lean Startup Circle Copenhagen)

  1. 1. Lean Customer Development Cindy Alvarez
  2. 2. YESNO
  3. 3. Let’s start with a hypothesis (guess)…
  4. 4. I believe [type of person] needs to solve [problem] which happens when [performing task].
  5. 5. time to pivot
  6. 6. What are your assumptions? • Motivations • Current behaviors • Ability to change • Decision-making criteria • Problem frequency • Problem severity
  7. 7. So, where am I going to find customers…?
  8. 8. And why would random people be willing to talk to me?
  9. 9. Social psychology is on our side • Most customers are “unrecognized experts” • We love to sound smart • We love to be helpful • We love to feel in control of our destiny (make things better in our lives)
  10. 10. People do not care about • Your credentials • Your personal history • Your product (don’t sell me #@*%!)
  11. 11. My name is [name] and I’m trying to solve [problem] and I’d love to learn from you because [reason]. Could you talk with me for 20 minutes?
  12. 12. Getting people to talk (a lot): • Thank you! • I’m going to talk as little as possible • Nothing you say will be boring
  13. 13. Getting people to talk (a lot): • Tell me about the last time… • 60 seconds of silence • No “yes/no” questions • Who / What / When / How / Why
  14. 14. But what if I ask the wrong questions?
  15. 15. Tell me about how you do _________ today…
  16. 16. Do you use any [tools/products/apps/tricks] to help you get ________ done?
  17. 17. Last time you did ___________, what were you doing right before you got started? Once you finished, what did you do after?
  18. 18. If you could wave a magic wand and be able to do anything that you can’t do today, what would it be? (Don’t worry about if it’s possible)
  19. 19. Is there anything else about _________ that I should have asked about?
  20. 20. Who do you know that I should also be talking with? Who else cares a lot/is affected by ______?
  21. 21. And then can I show them my product?
  22. 22. NO
  23. 23. I’ve learned so much from you! I think we’ll have some ideas/prototype/demo ready in a week or two. Can I get back in touch then and show you something?
  24. 24. OK, great. But what do I do with all these notes?
  25. 25. Making sense of what you hear: • Validates • Invalidates • Emotion • Surprises
  26. 26. Live Customer Development Advice Time!
  27. 27. Customer Development ‘Ask’ Templates:
  28. 28. Customer Development Tools: (feel free to add to this!)
  29. 29. You can ask questions anytime! or @cindyalvarez