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  1. 1. Professional Headend Solutions EQM 200 EDGE-QAM MODULATOR FAMILY GENERAL The EQM 200 is generating up to 24 encapsulated in UDP format. The Conversions of the MPEG transport RF - QAM channels to add DVB-C payload of the UDP packets should stream like PCR restamping and services into distribution networks be compliant to the DVB MPEG-2 "insertion of limited zero-packets" at CATV-Headends or near the edge transport stream packets. These are supported. The modulator can of the subscribers. It’s modular packets are transfered to the input be configured and operated via a design allows to choose an EDGE- of the QAM modulator and to the web browser on a local PC or laptop QAM like EQM 216 with 16 channels direct digital frequency conversion and can be integrated into a or the EQM 208 with 8 channels if (DDS). The Output is an RF-Signal network management system needed. in the selected frequency range (NMS). between 47...1000 MHz that can The MPEG transport streams (TS) directly feed a local CATV network must be supplied over IP-networks or HFC cluster supporting 32-256 as unicast or multicast data packets QAM. FEATURES IP-Input Test Output 3 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T RF Monitoring Output (-20 dB) RJ 45 Connector Reliability QAM Modulation Redundant power supply DVB-C Standard EN 300429 ITU-T J.83 Annex B (optional) Horizontal cooling System 32-256 QAM ‘stackable‘ 8 Transport streams for each EQM 200 GbE-Input results in max. EDGE-QAM Modulator PCR-Correction, flexible datarate RF EDGE-QAM FAMILYB-EDGE Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) EQM 216 EQM 224 Frequency Range 47...1000 MHz 2 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T 3 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T 24 Output Channels 16 QAM channels 24 QAM channels Monitoring Output (-20dB) 16 Transport streams selectable 24 Transport streams selectable Configuration/Monitoring EQM 208 EQM 008 Web-Server 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T SNMP-Agent for NMS 8 QAM channels 8 QAM channels 8 Transport streams selectable 8 Transport streams selectable external PSU
  2. 2. Professional Headend Solutions Technical Data EQM 200 EDGE-QAM MODULATOR FAMILY IP-Interface RF EQM 224 3 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Max. Output Attenuation 20 dB EQM 216 2 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Output Level Step Size 0,5 dB EQM 208 1 x GigEthernet 1000Base-T Level Accuracy ±1 dB Connector RJ45 Spectrum Flatness ±0,2 dB Signalling Status-LED for IP-Connection Spurious ³ 60 dB Transport Streams 8 Transport streams for each Output Channels 24 QAM channel EQM 224 IP-Interface 16 QAM channel EQM 216 Protocol UDP 8 QAM channel EQM 208 QAM-Modulation DVB-C Standard EN 300429 Monitoring/Configuration Integrated Web server ITU-T J.83 Annex B (optional) SNMP agent for NMS systems 32, 64, 128, 256 QAM Monitoring Output F-connector 75 Ù Roll-Off 12%, 13%, 15%, 18% -20 dB ±0,5 dB Symbol Rate 4,48...7,0 Return Loss ³ 14 dB Channel Width 6, 7, 8 MHz Modulation Error Rate (MER) > 47 dB General Data Shoulder Attenuation > 56 dB Power consumption < 35 W NIT-Exchanging Main voltage Redundant Power Supply PCR-Correction 100...240 VAC EMC EN 50083-2 RF Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Safety EN 60950-1 Connector F 75 Ù Environmental ETSI EN 300019-1-3 Class 3.1 Return Loss ³ 14 dB Housing 19" x 1RU Frequency Range 47...1000 MHz Dimensions 19" W x 13" D x 1,75" H Frequency Step Size 12,5 kHz Frequency Deviation £ 5 ppm Phase Noise typ. -105 dBc Max. Output Level -12 dBm (97 dBìV) Application EQM 200 EDGE-QAM Subject to modifications (Rev C1-V5a) © 08/2011 BLANKOM USA, LLC Associated BLANKOM Products - IRD-Family Professional Receivers/Decoders - DIP 120/121 IP ASI/ASI-IP Gateway - DRD Family (DRD 696, DRD 700) BLANKOM USA, LLC - B-Nova 5 Stanton Court · Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone: 800-205-0710 · Fax: 609-936-8171