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Container Desiccant Infographic

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How to protect shipments from moisture damage with Container Dri® II cargo desiccants. These desiccants are also commonly referred to adsorbent bag, or container absorbent bag.

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Container Desiccant Infographic

  1. 1. MOISTURE DAMAGE How to protect shipments from AND HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? What is CONTAINER RAIN, CONTAINER RAIN/CARGO SWEAT How to control DEW POINT and prevent HUMIDITY from · loading in humid environments · products with high moisture content · packaging and dunnage with high moisture content 1 TEMPERATURE may · drop when shipped to colder climates · drop due to cold front · drop with day-to-night temperature fluctuations 2 CONDENSATION results · when temperature drops below DEW POINT · when moisture condenses from vapor to liquid · when colder air can no longer hold moisture · when a certain temperature is reached and condensation starts to form causing CONTAINER RAIN 3 CONTAINER RAIN (CARGO SWEAT) 4 3% = $750,000 Cargo Loss = $1.5 Million Cargo Loss6% = $3 Million Cargo Loss12% MOLD CAKING OF POWDER PACKAGING DETERIORATION CORROSION PEELING LABELS WARPING EASY TO USE - VARIETY OF CONFIGURATIONS CONTAINER DRI® II CONTAINER DRI® II Savings and Benefits of using Some of these containers will experience CONTAINER RAIN which exposes the cargo to MOISTURE DAMAGE PREVENTS cargo loss due to moisture damage HOW? As the CARGO DESICCANT absorbs moisture it reduces the DEW POINT below surface temperature PREVENTING CONDENSATION from forming on the walls of the container. HOLDS 3X its weight in moisture TRAPS moisture as a thick, no-spill gel PROTECTS shipments from start to finish INSTALLS in minutes Easy disposal Non-toxic WWW.CLARIANT.COM/DESICCANTS Carabiner and strap for hanging or suspending Hook design for easy hanging Adhesive strips for installation onto shipping walls Hard shell that can be hung or suspended Individual bags with or without adhesive backing THERE ARE MILLIONS OF CONTAINERS in transit across the ocean at any given time. EXAMPLE OF CARGO LOSS DUE TO MOISTURE DAMAGE 1000 containers worth $25,000 each experience a monetary loss of: Absorbs 300% of its weight in moisture Traps moisture as a THICK, NO-SPILL GEL CARGO DESICCANT with exceptional absorption capabilities CONTAINER DRI® II 40 30 20 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 Dew Point Temperature Controlled Temperature