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Case Story             Remote AdministrationLooking from the outside in           “Our customers rely on our loading dock ...
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Remote Administration Case Story - 4 Front

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Remote Administration Case Story - 4 Front

  1. 1. Case Story Remote AdministrationLooking from the outside in “Our customers rely on our loading dock products to enable quick turnarounds; Clear’s team facilitates The Customer: our success with quick response.” 4Front Engineered Solutions® -- Shawna Cardillo, CIO, 4 Front Engineered Solutions The Environment: • 1 iSeries Server • JD Edwards Enterprise OneWith over 750 employees in three countries, 4Front Engineered Solutions® is a leading • Runs the businessmanufacturer and supplier of products that enable customers to more efficiently andeffectively move products through their manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse The Challenge:facilities. Their products include dock doors, products that enhance dock door • Growthefficiency such as dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals & shelters, specialty • Reliabilitydock doors, ergonomic lift products, environmental control systems, aftermarket • Limited IT resourcesdock accessories, and cutting-edge dock management software. • Cost The Solution: • Remote Administration The Challenge • 24/7 Support“Our iSeries box runs our ERP solution, which in turn, runs our business…” explains Hope • Deep iSeries expertiseWillingham, the IT applications manager at 4Front. As a result, early on, 4Front knew • Cost Containmentthey had to purchase the right ‘iron’ to meet their needs. Hope further explained,“We decided to purchase iSeries because of its reliability, scalability, and flexibilityto ensure that our ERP solution would be up, available, and poised to handle ourcurrent and future growth.” “We knew we needed to purchase the right iron product for growth, but little did weknow that after purchasing iSeries, our company would grow at such an explosiverate…” explains Shawna Cardillo, the CIO. Shawna further states, “I knew that iSerieswould be reliable, but also knew that we did need to have a dedicated resourceon-hand with deep expertise in case something happened. My dilemma was that Idid not have a daily need for an iSeries expert.” TM The SolutionShawna selected Clear Technologies to provide remote administration servicesbecause, “throughout our iSeries purchasing process Clear showed their willingnessto help even at the expense of their own time and bottom-line – they simply caredabout meeting our needs – we have come to trust Clear to provide sound, selflessadvice.” As a result, for the past five years, Clear Technologies has provided remote For more information www.ClearTechnologies.netadministration services to 4Front. Shawna further states, “Clear met and exceeded or call 972.906.7500our iSeries needs by guaranteeing 24/7 Support, expertise, and cost containment.”“The proof is in the pudding,” says Hope. Throughout the relationship, Clear hasendeavored to not only provide value in remote administration, but also in back-up and recovery, partitioning, and batch optimization. “Clear exceeded our TMexpectations. We were pleasantly surprised by amount of knowledge transfer wegained through this partnership. Moreover, Clear helped us to see gaps in our current MTenvironment that, if left uncovered, would have yielded show-stopping outcomes.We look forward to continuing and growing this vital partnership.”