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Defining Content Architecture

Content Management is a complex problem made up of content, people, process and technology. And it's getting harder has we move into a structured content world.

Content Architecture is the design phase for Content Management where we use tools to better abstract and encapsulate content, This presentation defines content architecture.

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Defining Content Architecture

  1. 1. Cleve Gibbon@confab2012Defining Content Architecture
  2. 2. Content S trategyContent A rchitectureContent M anagement
  3. 3. Content ManagementRe-Visited
  4. 4. Content Management is not the CMS
  5. 5. Content Management is not at The End
  6. 6. Content Management isThe End-To-End
  7. 7. There are four importantpieces to the content management puzzle:content, people, process andtechnology.D. KEITH ROBINSON THINK VITAMIN
  8. 8. Agency CMS On-Boarding Selection Content Messaging Platform Audit Strategy Roadmap Format Editorial Media Assets Developm. Gap Calendar Standards & Analysis Policies Controlled Vocabularies Content Search Cloud-Based Structured Author Inventory Context Systems Authoring Experience Permission Editorial Models Workflow Copy Deck Brand This IS Documentation Content Strategy Release Modeling Labeling Metadata Management Systems Strategy Navigation Content Schemes Style Technical Guide Linked Architecture Content Data Usability Digital Assets Governance Platform Testing Editorial Strategy Strategy Rollout Tone of Migration Content Sitemap Structured Content Voice Content Strategy Content Analysis Types Stakeholder Alignment Multi- Author Tagging Message Channel Terms of TrainingData Source Maps Use E-Commerce Analysis Change Integration Management Content Page Tables Management HTML Production Licensing User Content LanguageManagement Responsive Templates Guidelines Content Design Taxonomy Big Data Delivery Networks Wireframes MVT Testing A/B Testing Translation ePUB Content Interaction Targeting Approval Design Mobile Design Email Rights Data Privacy Data Privacy Device Management Localisation Social Detection User Media Research Competitor Analytics Analysis Programme Victory Goal Oversight Conditions Setting
  9. 9. Content Management Ecosystem
  10. 10. Essential Complexity. All reasonable solutions to a problem must be complicated because “simple” solutions would not adequately solve the problem. Accidental Complexity. Arises purely from mismatches in the particular choice of tools and methods applied in the solution.Source: Mythical Man Month, Fred Brooks
  11. 11. The biggest problems in contentmanagement lie not in that (essential)complexity, but how we approach oursolutions. D. Keith Robinson
  12. 12. Today, Content Managementsuffers from a massive dose of Accidental Complexity.
  13. 13. BUT…
  14. 14. We haveTwo Essential weapons in our fight against complexity
  15. 15. AbstractionGrady Booch, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with Applications
  16. 16. EncapsulationGrady Booch, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with Applications
  17. 17. Everyday Abstraction & Encapsulation
  18. 18. Content Management Ecosystem
  20. 20. Content Architectureis both the “time” and “place” where you Abstract & encapsulate Content
  21. 21. Some examples…
  22. 22. major sponsorship deals witha strong brand focus
  23. 23. It wasn’t always This way…
  24. 24. KILL Blob!
  25. 25. Less PSDs.More Browser-driven designs.
  26. 26. Goodwood Hospitality Mobile Site
  27. 27. Less pixel perfectdesigns.MoreFlexible, fluid, Device-drivendesigns.
  28. 28. Let designerscreate layoutsusing 960 grids
  29. 29. Results• Content Strategy In Progress• Content Architecture Aware• Responsive Design Approach• Adaptive Content – Next
  30. 30. 663 Registered Users 300 Billion Minutes in 2011 124 Million Connected Users 41 Million Concurrent Users 1200 Downloads Per Minute
  31. 31. Landing Payment ConfirmEmail Microsite Page Gateway Page Connected “Content”Journeys are High Effort
  32. 32. Results• Content Strategy – In Review• Content Architecture Aware• Responsive Design Approach• Adaptive Content – Next
  33. 33. 1 CampaignEvery MonthTrue Mashup ofContent &Commerce
  34. 34. Results• Content Strategy – In Progress• Content Architecture Aware• Responsive Design – Next• Adaptive Content – Next
  35. 35. DefiningContent Architecture
  36. 36. We see:Print brands struggling to adapt their content todigital platforms.‘Digital’ brands fighting the new battle to getmobile.
  37. 37. We Hear:Editor> I’m afraid. I’m afraid because my journalists are afraid.Cleve> Why?Editor> Because we have just be furnished with our CMS logins.Cleve> And?Editor> And the CMS helps IT manage us, constrains how we write, and makes us less productive.Cleve> So why am I here?Editor> To ensure this never happens again!
  38. 38. we educate:Marketer> We’ve done the creative. PSDs sorted and our design agency is building out the HTML now. Making serious progress (Jazz Hands). What do you need from us to get this into the CMS?Cleve> The complete backstory. Why are we doing this?Marketer> To rollout the new web site re-design…1 hour passes…Cleve> OMG (inner voice).Cleve> Mobile?Marketer> Yeah, yeah. But don’t go overboard. Just make it legible!
  39. 39. Because we’ve learnt:“Unstructured content is stupid and old-fashioned.It’s costly, complex, and does not generate acompetitive advantage.”Ann Mulcahy,Former CEO of Xerox
  40. 40. Single File Channel Hopping is Dumb Print Web Mobile Web Mobile Epub Mobile Web Other…
  41. 41. We need to “Step Back” & “Structure” Print Web Structured Content Mobile Other…
  42. 42. Beware of the Blob? Done.but now what?
  43. 43. Content Encapsulate Structured ContentArchitecture behind well-designed, meaningful, Content APIs
  44. 44. Content APIs Capture Structured Search Update Content Access
  45. 45. Content Design extensible mechanisms toArchitecture get content in & get content out
  46. 46. Role-Based Authoring Interfaces Print SalesMerchandiser Web SEO/Copy Translator Mobile Legal Other… Structured content Content APIs
  47. 47. Content Both Informs and is informed byArchitecture the solution architecture.
  48. 48. Publishing Collects DeliversServices Structured Content Support Create Editorial
  49. 49. Content The “Design Phase” forArchitecture content management.
  50. 50. UX Information Interaction Visual Usability Architecture Design Design EngineeringContent Strategy Content Architecture Content Author Workflow Modeling Experience Platform Development Build Test Release Support
  51. 51. Content Architecture Content Content Modeling People Author Experience Process WorkflowWithin the context of technology
  52. 52. Content Modeling a very powerful, cross discipline, communication tool for structured content
  53. 53. task DATA task task task
  54. 54. task taskStructured Data task
  55. 55. Paradigm Shift
  56. 56. data data tasks data tasks data tasks data tasks data tasks tasks data tasks data data data tasks tasks tasks Object data data tasksOriented tasks
  57. 57. task task CONTENT task task
  58. 58. content task types taskStructured Content content task types
  59. 59. Content ModelingAbstraction Encapsulation Modularity Whole/Part Aggregation Substitutability Open/Closed Inheritance
  60. 60. We appear to be walking the same walk, but not talking the same talk.
  61. 61. Leverage over 25 years of modeling of data and objects
  62. 62. Author ExperienceA bad author experience often results is an even worse customer experience.
  63. 63. Role-Based AuthoringDriven off the content model.overlay roles, permissions andcontent rights.Spec & Build authoringinterfaces to capture contentfor each identified role.
  64. 64. “There is a growing understanding that contentmanagement systems should be beautiful” –Matt Thomson“The happier people are, the better their contentwill be, the more content they’ll produce.” –Patrick Cooper, NPR
  65. 65. Author RewardsAdd & tag content,You will search & find it laterAdd and tag contentyou get suggestions/linked contentPlatform reports what doesn’t workyou can focus on what does
  66. 66. WorkflowThe process part of thecontent management problem
  67. 67. Workflow FactsThe majority of our clients make little or no use ofcms workflows.The highest productivity gains come from scalingpeople with processes.Workflow focuses on defining standards and policiesfor making content production processes both“repeatable” & “predictable”, i.e. Boring!
  68. 68. Data Behaviour Driven Driven Content WorkflowModeling
  69. 69. ContentExecution
  70. 70. Content managementrequires constant development
  71. 71. CMS CMS CMS CMS CMS … Content Management Sprint Discover Define Design & Develop Dry RunPlan ForChange Deploy
  72. 72. CMS CMS CMS CMS CMS … Content Management Sprint Strategy Tactics Architecture & Build TestingExecute ForChange Rollout
  73. 73. Where you need to be. Where you planned to be. C BValue Planningover plans A happy start
  74. 74. You cant afford to create a piece of content forany one platform.Instead of crafting a website, you have to putmore effort into crafting the description ofdifferent bits of an asset, so they can be reusedmore effectively, so they can deliver more value.NIC NEWMAN BBC
  75. 75. But you do need an effective platform to create structured content, and…
  76. 76. “After the platform becomes user friendly, whenit is opened up to the best storytellers anddesigners and communicators, they tend to addanother level to it.The rare time when you find people who reallyappreciate both sides of that coin (innovationand storytelling) is where truly amazing thingshappen.”ANDY BERNDT MANAGING DIRECTOR, GOOGLE
  77. 77. Cleve @Cleveg