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BC Open Textbook Project

  1. The British Columbia Open Textbook Project Clint Lalonde & Leva Lee Canadian Association of Research Librarians (CARL) October 22, 2014 Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to use, modify or distribute any or all of this presentation with attribution
  2. Connect the expertise, programs, and resources of all BC post-secondary institutions under a collaborative service delivery framework 1 23 Open Education & Professional Learning Collaborative Programs & Shared Services Student Services & Data Exchange
  3. 1 Connect the expertise, programs, and resources of all BC post-secondary institutions under a collaborative service delivery framework Open Education & Professional Learning Support & promote the development & use of Open Educational Resources Support the development of effective teaching & learning practices OER Global Logo by Jonathas Mello is licensed under a CC-BY 30 License
  4. Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) 2003-2012 $9 million invested 153 grants awarded 100% participation across system 83% partnerships 47 credentials developed in whole or part 355 courses, 12 workshops, 19 web sites/tools and 396 course components (learning objects, labs, textbooks, manuals, videos)
  5. Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) solr.bccampus.ca
  6. BC Open Textbook Project 40 free & open textbooks for highest enrolled 1st & 2nd year post-secondary subjects in BC First province in Canada $1 million Visual notes of John Yap announcement, Giulia Forsythe Used under CC-SA license
  7. BC Open Textbook Project 40 free & open textbooks for highest enrolled 1st & 2nd year post-secondary subjects in BC 2013 – 20 for skills & training First province in Canada 2013 – AB & SASK MOU $1 million 2013 - $1 million Visual notes of John Yap announcement, Giulia Forsythe Used under CC-SA license
  8. What are Open Textbooks? A textbook licensed with an open copyright license, and made available to be freely used, adapted and shared by students, teachers and members of the public.
  9. What are Open Educational Resources? “Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them.” UNESCO
  10. The 5 R’s of Open Retain • Make and own copies Reuse • Use in a wide range of ways Revise • Adapt, modify, and improve Remix • Combine two or more Redistribute • Share with others Adapted (color change) from Open Education: A “Simple” Introduction by David Wiley released under CC-BY license
  11. We have a few problems Image credit: Beyond Textbooks by Thomas used under CC-BY license
  12. We have a few problems Students spend $1200/yr on textbooks 3x rate of inflation in 10 years 65% students have not purchased textbook for a course because of price Source: Fixing the Broken Textbook Market U.S. PIRG Cover image: Center for Public Interest Research used under CC-BY 4.0 icense
  13. Free is more than a good deal
  14. Textbook Costs vs Student Success       Source: 2012 student survey by Florida Virtual Campus 60%+ do not purchase books at some point due to cost 35% take fewer courses due to book cost 31% choose not to register for a course due to book cost 23% regularly go without textbooks due to book cost 14% have dropped a course due to book cost 10% have withdrawn from a course due to book cost Slide: CC-BY Cable Green, Creative Commons via http://www.project-kaleidoscope.org/
  15. “My textbook is… …back-ordered …in the mail …out of stock …the wrong edition …on hold until my student loan arrives …unnecessary until I decide I want this course” How often do students start the term without the resources they need?
  16. iPod DRM by *n3wjack's world in pixels used under CC-BY-SA license eBook on eBook by DWRL at U Texas used under CC-BY-SA-NC license
  17. Why are we doing this project? To increase access to higher education by reducing student costs To give faculty more control over their instructional resources To move the open agenda forward in a meaningful, measurable way Annie Lennox campaigns with Oxfam at the AIDS Conference by Oxfam used under CC-BY-NC-ND license
  18. The Project Don’t reinvent it by Andrea Hernandez released under CC-BY-NC-SA and based on Wheel by Pauline Mak released under CC-BY license
  19. open.bccampus.ca
  20. Choice for students (and adaptors) Old Leather books, by Wyoming_Jackrabbit used under a CC-BY-NC-SA
  21. Write Once Publish Many
  22. System Engagement
  23. Faculty Reviews 291/365 by thebarrowboy used under a CC-BY
  24. Faculty Reviews
  25. Reviews > Adaptations My 291/365 by thebarrowboy used under a CC-BY Adventures Adapting a Chemistry Textbook
  26. Faculty Reviews Faculty Reviewers
  27. Sprints
  28. Sprints 2 Days 17 Psych Faculty 6 Institutions 850 Questions
  29. Other Outreach
  30. BCOER Librarians
  31. BCOER Agenda • What is the BCOER? • Mission & goals • Spring Startup • BCOER Hackfest • Thinking on OER Challenges • Connecting with the OER Community • Future projects and more
  32. What is BCOER? BCOER is a group of BC postsecondary librarians working together to support the use of quality Open Educational Resources (OER).
  33. What is BCOER? • Informal and grassroots group - began December 2013 • Began as a conversation with fellow librarians on how to address adoption of open textbooks and use of quality OER • Small group of librarians met to explore ideas • Identified need and desire to co-develop OER guides & tools • We are a working group of librarians from 14 BC public postsecondary institutions • Coordination & support provided by BCcampus
  34. Goals of BCOER • Share Information & existing resources with each other • Work collaboratively on new guides and tools to support use of quality OER by faculty • Focus on projects with immediate and mid-term benefits • Advocate for longer term: ongoing professional development for librarians • Share out to wider librarian community & networks
  35. Spring Startup Established working space & group mode of communication • Wikispace: http://Bcoerguides.wikispaces.com • Monthly meeting teleconference • Discussion list: project updates and meetings Drafted a Frame of Reference Identified a few key, high priority projects OER Assessment Rubric & Subject guides
  36. BCOER Frame of Reference CC licensing info, if required. Remove this text if none.
  37. OER Assessment Rubric http://bcoerguides.wikispaces.com/OER+Assessment+Rubric
  38. BCOER Hackfest • An intense day of collaboration and work on selected projects on May 9th, 2014 • Secured sponsorship of a working space and catering for the event • BCOER group identified OER projects of choice and posted in a shared Google document • 14 participants: BCOER & UBC Library School students
  39. BCOER Hackfest On the day of the hackfest two projects and teams emerged: • Group one: focused on testing the OER Assessment rubric. They reviewed 40 Science OER repositories • Group two: focused on developing an OER Poster as a tool to engage faculty and on ideas for professional development for librarians
  40. Hackfest Photos .
  41. . http://open.bccampus.ca/2014/10/16/ a-harvest-of-good-things-from-bcoer/
  42. Thinking on OER Challenges • Facilitated a thinking session on OER challenges http://etug.ca/2014/05/08/spring-workshop-2014-keynote-and-facilitators- 2/ • Opportunity to do a check-in to see if we are on the right track • Here some notes from our June session: http://bcoerguides.wikispaces.com/ETUG+Spring+Workshop+Se ssion
  43. Connecting with the OER Community • SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Research Coalition) http://www.sparc.arl.org/ and Librarians & OER Forum https://groups.google.com/a/arl.org/forum/#!forum/sparc-liboer (Nicole Allen) • OER Consortium http://oerconsortium.org and OER & Libraries subcommittee and CCCOER List (Una Daly) • Quill West, OER Project Leader, Tacoma, Washington http://collegeopentextbooks.ning.com/profile/QuillWest
  44. Future Projects Short term • Create a public-facing web space to share out our work • Continue to develop more subject discipline OER guides • Participate in upcoming workshops & conferences • Engage with the larger OER community to celebrate Open Access Week!
  45. More Project Ideas • Develop more pro-d opportunities in variety of modes (e.g. f2f, webinar, podcast, self-serve resource) • Host a Course sprint: librarians creating an OER for librarians (Topic: TBA) • Facilitate a OER & librarians community of practice (as the need arises)
  46. Thank You Questions? Leva.lee@bccampus.ca clint@bccampus.ca open.bccampus.ca bcoerguides.wikispaces.com @levalee @clintlalonde@bccampus #bcoer