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The End of Google Places As It Makes Way For Google Plus Local and What It Means For Your Business

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Goodbye Google Places, Hello Google Plus Local Pages. See what has just happened, and what you need to do to take advantage of this bonanza.

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The End of Google Places As It Makes Way For Google Plus Local and What It Means For Your Business

  1. 1. The End of Google Places As it Makes Way For Google Plus Local and What it Means For Your Business©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Well the big news overnight is that Google Places as we know it is winding up andbeing replaced with Google + Local results instead. This comes as no surprise tous here as Google Places has been plagued with a multitude of issues since it wasborn out of Google Maps back in 2010. The fact that Google Places had extremelylimited user interaction was also a major thorn in Googles side, as FacebookBusiness Pages had market domination for this very reason.What Has Changed?There are some notable changes, and these include obviously the new Google +pages now appearing where the Google Places page used to display in organicsearch results. This has yet to roll out to all countries, although expect it to happenquickly.In your personal Google + pages there is now an added tab for Google + Localsearch.Zagat reviews. Now gone is the five gold star rating system, and replaced with amuch more in depth review system, that allows for a better user experience.Reviews are now given out of 30, and there are sub sections of the review process,that includes such things as food, service and even atmosphere for a restaurantreview. If you log into your personal Google + account and write a new review, youwill now be prompted to import all your previous Google Places reviews into thenew format. Your name is now on the line for all to see, and this is a great additionas it will lower the number of fake reviews from your competitors.The addition of Google + Pages have also extended across to Google Maps. If youhave an Android device by default you will also begin to see the inclusion ofGoogle + Pages in organic search results.All these changes make for a much stronger user experience, and it may prove tobe the winning move in Googles long struggle losing streak in the social arena.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. What About SEO?Here is where things get interesting for a business owner. The big news is thatGoogle + Local Pages will now be indexed by Google, as opposed to the GooglePlaces Pages that were not.So if you like it or not and you have a Google Places Page, it will be automaticallyconverted into a Google + Local Page, and by default you are now in the SocialMedia Marketing game.If you are a savvy business owner then see this as massive opportunity, and if younurture and grow your Google + Local Page then you are going to be rewardedwith more traffic to your website, and ultimately more customers.The SEO benefits of this are a great indication of the way Google is thinking rightnow, and I really see this as a positive move that will greatly help businesses andthe end user.What Do You Do Now?If you already have a Google Places Page then expect it to change to a Google +Local page in the coming days. Youre going to see an entirely new interface, and ifyou are not familiar with Google + then it might seem a bit daunting at first. This isnot the time to ignore it, as there will be others in your market whom do takeadvantage and reap the rewards.The way to build out a Google + Business Page is to do so like you would withanything else Google promote, relevant and valuable. Create content, sharecontent, grow and engage your audience.There are sure to be more rollouts of changes as Google tweaks and refines theirsystems and processes, so expect things to bounce around for a while.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. To learn more about Google + Local Pages then get it here from the horsesmouth. Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4