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Holiday Season Tips From Ecommerce Experts To Hit a Home Run

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Use these Ecommerce Experts Tips to get the maximum edge this holiday season Read and implement the ideas to see an increase in the revenues this year.

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Holiday Season Tips From Ecommerce Experts To Hit a Home Run

  1. 1. Hit A Home Run This Holiday Season Using These Ecommerce Experts’ Tips
  2. 2. To make sure that ecommerce store owners don’t miss a trick, we asked the influencers and experts of the industry about the single most important thing that could mark the Holiday Season a success.
  3. 3. The Best Start Is An Early Start
  4. 4. According to James Gurd, the owner of Digital Juggler:
  5. 5. Adel de Meyer, speaker, mentor and author at The Next Web, added to the discussion:
  6. 6. Use High ROI Marketing
  7. 7. Jimmy Fritz, CEO of The Wedding Shoppe advised:
  8. 8. Similarly, James Dillion, Content Manager at Gorilla 360 gave his top tip:
  9. 9. Adriana Tica, a digital marketer and owner of a digital marketing agency contributed:
  10. 10. According to Chloe Thomas, speaker and an ecommerce consultant:
  11. 11. Similarly, Kevin Muldoon, blogger and WordPress fanboy added:
  12. 12. Mike Bryant is responsible for the marketing at Kount Inc. He advised SEO for product images:
  13. 13. Get All Preparations Done Early
  14. 14. Phill Barrett, an ecommerce thought leader, added:
  15. 15. According to David Hoos, marketing lead The Good:
  16. 16. Patrick Rauland, a WooCommerce consultant added:
  17. 17. Talking about abandoned carts, Beka Rice, an ecommerce expert opined:
  18. 18. Alex Lenashov, a Magento consultant discussed the issue from the perspective of Magento dev:
  19. 19. Be (Technologically) Innovative
  20. 20. Here is what Sam Hurley (#1 Marketing Influencer) has to say about the importance of chatbots for Ecommerce:
  21. 21. Discussing order fulfilment, Marshal Hughes, CEO & Co-Founder of Passel, advised:
  22. 22. Linda Bustos, director of merchant strategy at Workarea commerce, advise using real time merchandising:
  23. 23. To Sum Up
  24. 24. Bonus Tip: Get Out Of The Building
  25. 25. Thank You! Read Full Blog Post Here!