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Leverage marketing automation to make the most of the holiday season

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Ecommerce Marketing Automation is the latest trends in the industry You d find out how renowned companies took advantage of this incredible automation tools.

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Leverage marketing automation to make the most of the holiday season

  1. 1. Leverage Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Marketers know that their ultimate job is to increase revenue. Marketing automation can help them by generating higher leads, which will eventually lead to new customers.” - Glenster Report
  3. 3. Get 225% Boost ShipServ, a Londo-based marine, oil, and gas marketplace used marketing automation tools, and saw a 225% increase in leads.
  4. 4. Here is How to Leverage Marketing Automation For Your Ecommerce Success
  5. 5. Reward Loyal Customers
  6. 6. × Consider Dunkin Donuts that offers exclusive perks as part of their customer reward program. × As the customers are targeted based on their buy decisions, they consider themselves a part of the bigger DD family.
  7. 7. How Can You Use It For This Holiday Season? × Marketing automation helps identify customers that could be invited for the program. × Get some great bargains for these exclusive customers using loyalty programs × Simply integrate marketing automation systems like Hubspot with your e-store × Send invites for the loyalty program using email automation software like Campaign Monitor.
  8. 8. Personalize for Maximum Impact
  9. 9. × When users sign up for the newsletter, they automatically receive personalized emails × Results were astonishing with 70-75% open rates and 40-45% click-through rates. ZURB, a product design company located in Silicon Valley, implemented automated welcome emails.
  10. 10. How Can You Use It For Email Automation? × Automate email replies for frequently asked customer queries (this is also known as canned responses). × Email has a higher conversion rate and it should be utilized to the maximum.
  11. 11. Big Emails drive around 20% of sales for ecommerce businesses. But the sad fact is that only 39% of retailers send personalized product recommendations
  12. 12. Build Segmented List
  13. 13. • used segmentation to run an innovative wedding campaign. It comprised of an email series that followed a bride and her friends through wedding events offering them products. • Result was an increase of 224% in open rate, and a 330% increase in revenue per email.
  14. 14. How Can You Use It For Building Segmented Lists? × The segmented lists are based on Purchase Behaviour matrices including buying habits, search keywords, purchase limits, and others. × By sending relevant offers to your customers (based on segmentation), you will see a marked increase in engagement and revenues.
  15. 15. Engage Dormant Customers
  16. 16. Here is a great example in which Sidekick, a HubSpot Sales Tool, leveraged the holiday theme and timely re-engage with their audience.
  17. 17. How Can You Use It For To Engage With Your Sleeping Customers? × You first need to identify users: Who only subscribed to your newsletter Who purchased product(s) about an year back and never returned who inquired about a certain product, and disappeared × For each of the above case(s), you can segment the users, and by using automated email workflows, you can engage with them by offering exclusive discounts.
  18. 18. On average 51% of companies are currently using Marketing automation, with more than half of B2B companies (58%) planning to adopt the technology. Emailmonday
  19. 19. Automate Social Media Marketing
  20. 20. • Classic Culinary Brand America’s Test Kitchen integrated a social media automation tool. • Results: 103% increase in Facebook impressions per post 31% increase in engagement per Instagram posts 33% increase in engagement per Tweet 208% increase in CTR to their website.
  21. 21. How Can You Use Social Automation This Holiday Season? × You have customers from different demographics, and to post or share content on social media to catch different time zones. × With the help of email solutions like MailChimp or Kissmetrics, the content is delivered to your subscribers as per pre-determined schedule. × These automation tools track and monitor open rate and click through rate on the CTA’s or links included in the content of emails.
  22. 22. Automate Facebook Ads for Better Reach
  23. 23. • Southeast Toyota partnered with Unified Social, to use real-time marketing platform to scale and automate its ad spend across 166 dealership pages. • The result is an astonishing 200-hour decrease in marketing man-hours per week spent running the campaign.
  24. 24. How Can You Leverage Marketing Automation With Facebook? × You can integrate marketing automation tools like Hubspot, Marketo, or Sprout Social with Facebook Ads Campaign. × Coupled with segmentation, automating Facebook ads add great value to the store’s email marketing campaigns.
  25. 25. Generate More Leads
  26. 26. McAfee, Inc., the American global digital security company, opted for marketing automation by implementing lead scoring system and creating segmented nurturing programme. This helped them improve the quality of sales qualified leads and reduced almost 35% of inefficient leads.
  27. 27. How Can You Generate Leads This Cyber Monday And Black Friday? You could use Marketo, Eloqua or Infusionsoft for automating the lead cultivation and related processes.
  28. 28. Don’t Forget UX
  29. 29. Groove – a support software, used an automated email campaign that is delivered to all new users when they sign up for a free trial. This particular email had a 41% response rate and helped Groove automatically collect a massive amount of feedback.
  30. 30. How Can You Use It? Use marketing automation to ask customers for their feedback, reviews (surveys are a good tool). People love when you talk about their problems and ask them how you can solve the issues.
  31. 31. Wrapping Up! Marketing automation is a great tactic for boosting sales, conversion rate, and most importantly helps in building up a personalized relation with your customers. By using automation, you can segment your customer base in lists, so to send relevant content and offers. Scheduling social posts is beneficial in engaging with customers without worrying about time zones and social media channels.
  32. 32. THANK YOU! You Can Read Full Blog Post Here