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“The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Metrics”

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Metrics Jay Baer Convince & Convert @jaybaer • #cmworld #cmworld
  2. @jaybaer “We Can’t Measure” Really Means: • We don’t know what to measure • We don’t have access to the data • We don’t know how to tie the data together • We don’t have the time to measure • We don’t know what the data means #cmworld
  3. @jaybaer #cmworld
  4. @jaybaer If You’re Not Measuring Content Marketing, It’s Your Fault. But Don’t Panic. #cmworld
  5. @jaybaer Are You a Publisher? #cmworld
  6. @jaybaer You Are In the Action Business, Not the Eyeballs Business. Plan and Measure Accordingly. #cmworld
  7. @jaybaer Step One: Know Why You’re Making Content #cmworld
  8. @jaybaer Yee-Haw!! Step One: Know What Actions Finally Got Us You Some of That Want and Need CONTENT!! “Making Content” Is Not the Goal #cmworld
  9. @jaybaer Are You Measuring the Right Things? #cmworld
  10. @jaybaer Content Helps Achieve Business Objectives, Not Content Objectives Business Objectives Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Content Objectives Content Strategy Content Tactics Content Metrics #cmworld
  11. @jaybaer Step Two: Map Content to Buyer’s Journey, and Metrics to Content Type #cmworld
  12. @jaybaer The Right Content for the Right Person, at the Right Time • What’s the conference about? • When is it? • Where is it? • What’s the agenda? • How much does it cost? • Is there a section on metrics? • Is Jay Baer doing it? • Is Rick Springfield going to be there? #cmworld
  13. @jaybaer The Right Content for the Right Person, at the Right Time #cmworld
  14. @jaybaer Step Three: Know What’s Mathematically Viable #cmworld
  15. @jaybaer Ways to Measure Brand Awareness • New visits to Website (proxy) • Increase in positive and neutral social mentions (proxy) • Visits from search (proxy) • Pre and post surveys of target audiences, randomly sampled and variable controlled #cmworld
  16. @jaybaer Ways to Measure Direct Sales • E-commerce tracking • Leads that turn into new customers (requires CRM) #cmworld
  17. @jaybaer Step Four: Select the Right Metrics #cmworld
  18. @jaybaer 4 Categories of Content Metrics #cmworld
  19. @jaybaer Consumption Metrics Question answered: “How many people viewed, downloaded, listened to this piece of content” Goals addressed: #cmworld
  20. @jaybaer Field Guide to Consumption Metrics • Page views • Google Analytics or similar • Video views • YouTube Insights or similar • Document views • Slideshare or Scribd data • Downloads (ungated) • CRM system (Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft) • Google Analytics or similar • Social Chatter •, Radian6, Sysomos, Viral Heat #cmworld
  21. @jaybaer Never Exit the Metrics Train at the Consumption Depot #cmworld
  22. @jaybaer Are You a Publisher? #cmworld
  23. @jaybaer Knowing a Piece of Content Generated 3,000 Page Views Should Prompt These Questions: • Do people consuming that content engage in other, more desirable behaviors on the site? • Do they do so at a ratio different from site visitors overall? • Do people consuming that content return to the site? • Do they do so at a ratio different from site visitors overall? #cmworld
  24. @jaybaer To Boost Consumption, Free Your Content • “Forms are the enemy of spread” – Joe Chernov, Eloqua • “Of all the places your content could reside, your site has the least amount of traffic.” – Me #cmworld
  25. @jaybaer Be a Digital Dandelion #cmworld
  26. @jaybaer Sharing Metrics Question answered: “How resonant is this content, and how often is it shared with others?” Goals addressed: #cmworld
  27. @jaybaer Field Guide to Sharing Metrics • Likes and Shares and Tweets and +1s and Pins • Sharing tools, or Google Analytics or similar • Forwards • Email provider, or Google Analytics or similar • Inbound links • OpenSiteExplorer, RavenTools, MajesticSEO #cmworld
  28. @jaybaer Sharing Metrics are Overvalued Because They’re Public #cmworld
  29. @jaybaer To Boost Sharing, Make Sharing Easy • Easy to use sharing buttons on all content • Configure correctly • Embeddable infographics • Social proof • Content WORTH sharing #cmworld
  30. If Your Mom Won’t Share Your Content, It’s Not Good Enough #cmworld
  31. @jaybaer Lead Generation Metrics Question answered: “How often do content consumptions turn into leads?” Goals addressed: #cmworld
  32. @jaybaer Field Guide to Lead Gen Metrics • Gated content that produces leads itself • CRM system (Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft) • Tracking URLs • Email subscriptions and similar • Email provider, or CRM system • Blog subscriptions and similar • Feedblitz, or CRM system • Blog comments • Comments platform (Disqus, Livefyre) or blog system • Conversion rate (consumption to lead) #cmworld
  33. @jaybaer Indirect Lead Generation • Not all content is lead producing directly • But, all content can contribute to lead generation behavior • Set up goals in Google Analytics or similar • For key behaviors that are not revenue-producing per se (email signup) assign a dollar value • Set custom reports to show goals for each content piece • Also look at new Page Value data #cmworld
  34. @jaybaer Tying Social to Content • Some Social Platforms (Argyle Social, Expion, Hubspot) can tie social media posts to content landing pages, and track through to lead generation value. • Systems that can do this MUST have their own URL shortener. #cmworld
  35. @jaybaer Content is Fire. Social Media is Gasoline. #cmworld
  36. @jaybaer Sales Metrics Question answered: “Did we actually make any money on this content?” Goals addressed: #cmworld
  37. @jaybaer Field Guide to Sales Metrics • Online sales • E-commerce system • Offline sales • CRM system • Unique, trackable URLs via CRM, social media system and/or Google Analytics or similar • Manual reporting and anecdotes #cmworld
  38. @jaybaer If You’re Going to Track Leads and Sales You Have to Do Something Trackable #cmworld
  39. @jaybaer Don’t Forget Customer Retention #cmworld
  40. @jaybaer Your Most Important Content Audience are Your Current Customers #cmworld
  41. @jaybaer Content ROI is Calculated at the Component Level First Investment 40 hours/month to produce blog X hourly rate per each blog participant ($40) X overhead factor (50%) + amortized design fees ($1k/month) + monthly hosting fees ($100/month) + miscellaneous ($100/month) = true monthly blogging costs $3,600 #cmworld
  42. @jaybaer Content ROI is Calculated at the Component Level First Return 25 leads per month X lead conversion rate (20%) X average lifetime customer value ($3,000) X average profit margin (30%) = true monthly blogging return $4,500 #cmworld
  43. @jaybaer ROI = Return Minus Investment, Divided by Investment $4,500 - $3,600 = 900 Divided by 3,600 = .25 ROI is 25% #cmworld
  44. @jaybaer Sometimes You Can’t Close the Loop #cmworld
  45. @jaybaer Correlation Approach • Track EVERYTHING • Over a long period of time • Note whenever ANYTHING changes • PR coverage, website change, new radio campaign • Also track multiple revenue data points • Total leads • Average purchase • Churn • Total revenue • Look for patterns that indicate content is working #cmworld
  46. @jaybaer Your Job is to Prove Something Wrong, not Prove Something Right #cmworld
  47. @jaybaer The Goal Isn’t to be Good at Content. The Goal is to be Good at Business, Because of Content. #cmworld
  48. Jay Baer Convince & Convert Today’s Slides: #cmworld