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PSD to Zurb Foundation

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We convert your designs to responsive websites and applications using Foundation CSS Framework from Zurb.


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PSD to Zurb Foundation

  1. 1. PSD to Foundation Brought to you by:
  2. 2. We convert your designs to responsive websites and applications using Foundation CSS Framework from Zurb.
  3. 3. Why use Foundation? • Most advanced responsive framework in the world • Semantic: Clean and modular code without sacrificing the speed. • Customizable: Add or remove features as when required. • Community Support: Enjoys popular community support, guides and third party extensions and UI elements. • Mobile First: Start building your designs starting from phone and scale with additional features and complexities.
  4. 4. PROCESS
  5. 5. Review of PSD files A project manager will review the designs and check all assets required are present in the files and estimate the effort required to implement the project and exactly when can we deliver the code to get you going. Once you confirm on the quoted fee and timelines, we will share a invoice with a payment link and get started on work once you make the payment.
  6. 6. Design Specifications Photoshop is a primarily a design tool which works in raster formats and hence taking measurements from the tool is difficult and distracting for a developer and results in erroneous code at times where developers use approx values. Hence we don’t jump to code with your PSDs straight away and start by preparing a style guide for developers with minute design details like fonts, colours, padding/margins etc.
  7. 7. Development Our foundation expert developers start building your website/application using Foundation framework with reference to the style guide that we have prepared. They are trained to have developed and eye design detail and clearly understand responsive design concepts and patterns.
  8. 8. Quality Assurance Before sharing the responsive HTML code with you, it goes through a QA phase where the pages are browser tested on different desktop browsers and on actual Windows, Android and iOS devices to check rendering, layout issues and touch interactions wherever applicable.
  9. 9. Request a quote for your next project Email: Website: