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UC Analytics for Skype4Business

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Code Software's latest brochure for UC Analytics !

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UC Analytics for Skype4Business

  1. 1. UC Analytics Monitoring and Reporting for Skype for Business Skype for Business ii}: Lync
  2. 2. Driving consumption of the available modes of communication is key to the successful deployment and ongoing use of Skype4Business. ti Clear visibility will ensure correct time and resource management. Are call handling times acceptable? Who's calling where and when and are users abusing resources? UC Analytics Designed specifically for Skype4Business, UC Analytics delivers unparalleled visibility of your Unified Communication consumption ensuring your investment in time, money and resources is delivering the business benefits you expected. It is an intuitive, user driven solution producing only relevant information through its customisable dashboards and automated reports. On—going monitoring of call quality, SIP trunk utilisation and other network elements assists in infrastructure support and planning. -| - At the heart of a Skype4Business solution is the servers. The health and capacity of which need constant monitoring to avoid issues with service delivery $ Monitoring usage and associated costs enables tighter control and highlights ROI with Skype4Business through savings in call cost, travel expenses and time.
  3. 3. Key Features O@ REPORTS DASHBOARD USER INTERFACE The dashboard delivers a tear real—time s tapshot of JC usage, which is Enjoy the flexibi ity of a user experience the way you want it, customse the position of charts and what information is dsplayed. Filters can be applied to the charts, ensuring that only relevant in ormation is displayed. C icl< through reporting prodtces detailed reports with a single click. REPORT DESIGNER The varying reporting requirements of organisations using Skype4Business means that the reporting solution must be flexible enough to reflect these diverse needs. The Report Designer allows users to define the fields displayed in reports ensuring the information is entirely relevant. Jpdated every 60 seconds. All to reports can be scheduled rur automatically or generated on a one—off basis. Delivery is typically via email or saved to disk and can be in a variety of formats such as 3<cel, PD— or CSV. Standard report temp ates are available for user adoption, capacity planring, conferences, call carrier comparisons, costs and more. It is easy to brand the reports with logos and relevant colour scheme. ALARMS AND MONTHLY BUDGET An ala de‘ de Lnlimited number of system ms can be set up and ivered via email when a user ired call criteria such as low MOS, calls over a cost or du a ion or missed calls has beer met. A monthly budget ca du also be set on cost or a ion for a user and when this has been reached, OU 8U bound calling can ohatically be barred allowing fur her investigation to be made. I E iIri1r“iiar'arr’rt? xexs l Ur l Flies ’It‘air‘H‘rerrs, if ~<fi l Air*rrir . (»*1tHr‘Ir“u
  4. 4. UC Analytics Developed with HTML 5, SQL and MS Reporting Tools Browser based Automated Active Directory integration and authentication Comprehensive user access security policies Support for multi tenancy environments Unlimited organisation hierarchy levels Multiple data sources including legacy PBX’s, Room Systems and mobile devices Multi—currency Phone directory Automated report delivery Choice of report formats: Excel, Word, PDF, CSV Chart options: Bar, pie, line or stacked bar Report Designer: User selection of reported fields Report Style: Apply company logo and colour scheme Report Builder: Comprehensive filtering and sorting Inbound, Outbound, Voice, Video, IM, Conferences, File transfer and App sharing Averages displayed and formulas applied Full Quality of Experience reporting Summary and detailed reports Standard report templates Drill through reporting View IM conversations Search on keywords Filter on users Instant alerts on call costs, MOS, call duration, ring time and error ID Alert delivered by email Extension budgets for cost or duration Outbound dialling blocked when threshold met Import unlimited call carrier tariffs Apply discount or mark up to carrier charges Available either on premise or from our cloud Installation on either physical or virtual servers , v__f1;V_(/11.3// .'. ‘J. f,f! ‘(, !,_ , - '-. ... ..
  5. 5. UK OFFICE ROMANIA OFFICE UNIT 9 Chronos Business Center Cirencester Office Park, saulescu 29 Cirencester, Glos Iasi GL7 5JJ Romania United Kingdom +44 (Oh 285 700725 +4oss2r roos5 vvvvvv. codesoftware. net info@codesoftware. net A--"