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MultiChain – Private multicurrency blockchain platform

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An introduction to MultiChain, an open source platform for private blockchains, that is backwards compatible with Bitcoin Core.

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MultiChain – Private multicurrency blockchain platform

  1. 1. MultiChain Private Blockchain Platform Coin Sciences Ltd
  2. 2. Coin Sciences Ltd Blockchains for enterprise •  Private shared database •  Control of capacity + cost •  Designated “miners” •  No cryptocurrency •  Collective admin •  Hide the details •  Blockchain as tool not ideology
  3. 3. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain 1.0 •  2.5 years of user-driven development •  Now in final beta prior to release •  Easy to install and use (direct on OS) •  Linux, Windows or Mac •  Deploy on premise, in cloud, etc… •  Copyleft open source (GPLv3) •  Compatible with bitcoin ecosystem
  4. 4. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain downloads Figuresareperquarter,notcumulative 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 Q3 2015 Q4 2015 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Q2 2017
  5. 5. Coin Sciences Ltd Developers love MultiChain “MultiChain is a simple, powerful, well-documented platform that makes it easier to start a blockchain-based project.” — David Treat, Global Head of Blockchain, Accenture “In our experience, MultiChain as a blockchain fabric is much easier to reason with than the other players.” — Senior blockchain developer at Big 4 accounting firm “MultiChain is the most stable and reliable blockchain software product… We have used it for… projects with great success.” — Marcelo Garcia Casil, DXMarkets “My choice of using MultiChain was based on it's level of maturity… Not to blow smoke but you guys have done an awesome job.” — Recent customer email
  6. 6. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain partnerships •  40+ partners using MultiChain including:
  7. 7. Coin Sciences Ltd Good MultiChain use cases •  Permissioned blockchain – Validation by consensus, not proof of work •  Full asset lifecycle – Issuance, transfer, exchange, escrow, reissuance, redemption, destruction •  General storage and search – 64 MB of data per transaction – Streams: key–value, identity, time series
  8. 8. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain permissions •  Connect to network •  Send and receive transactions •  Write to a stream •  Issue assets •  Create streams •  Add blocks to chain •  Change permissions by consensus
  9. 9. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain assets •  No need for smart contracts •  Flexible asset metadata •  Permissioned follow-on issuance •  Atomic multi-asset payments •  Multi-way atomic asset exchanges •  Multisignatures for security + escrow •  Subscribe to asset to query transactions
  10. 10. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain streams •  General data storage and retrieval •  Nodes choose which streams to index •  Items indexed and retrievable by: – What item is (item key) – Who created item (signature) – Where item is in global order – When item was confirmed – Which block item is stored in
  11. 11. Coin Sciences Ltd Consensus model •  Every block digitally signed by creator – Only permissioned parties can “mine” •  Mining diversity for distributed consensus •  No proof-of-work or cryptocurrency
  12. 12. Coin Sciences Ltd MultiChain flexibility •  45+ blockchain parameters ü  Block size/time, permissioning, admin consensus, mining, optional native currency •  Permissions can change over time •  Assets: reissuance and destruction •  Streams: nodes follow their interests •  Custom metadata everywhere •  Unified JSON-RPC API for applications
  13. 13. Coin Sciences Ltd Deployment options •  Environment agnostic – Self-hosted in data center – Public or private cloud – Accessed as a service •  Nodes added simply and quickly •  API cleanly separates app from node •  Shared administration model – Smooth governance transitions
  14. 14. Coin Sciences Ltd Security in MultiChain •  Forked from Bitcoin Core – $40B+ and over 8 years exposure to Internet •  Full multisignature support •  External key management – Bitcoin hardware security modules •  Consensus over data not execution – Avoids Ethereum-style hard forks – No need for fees to stop runaway code
  15. 15. Coin Sciences Ltd Speed and scalability •  Millions of addresses, assets, streams •  Unlimited transactions / stream items •  >1000 tps (1.0 beta 2 + mid-range server) – Includes signature verification + transaction processing i.e. real Byzantine tolerance – (Beware of spurious comparisons…) •  Unlimited nodes in network •  Block time as low as 2 seconds
  16. 16. Coin Sciences Ltd Detailed online documentation
  17. 17. Coin Sciences Ltd Development timeline 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 CoinSpark MultiChain 1.0 2.0 Community 2.0 Enterprise First alpha release MultiChain 3.0
  18. 18. Coin Sciences Ltd Company vision •  Blockchain as new data architecture – Enables a single database to be safely and directly shared across trust boundaries •  Many commercial applications – Expect to play out over 20 years •  We are a software company – Deep technologists focused on platform – Work with partners to deliver solutions
  19. 19. MultiChain Download and documentation Thank you