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Newsroom Creative - Fueling Your Content Creation

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Creating visual content is hard. Creating consistent and timeline visual content is even harder. That's why we've established a new program called Newsroom Creative. This program allows brands to create visual content in a timely fashion, and at a scalable frequency. For more information visit our website.

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Newsroom Creative - Fueling Your Content Creation

  2. 2. Consistently publishing great visual content is hard. Most projects are expensive and take weeks or even months to complete. CHALLENGE
  3. 3. For some stories, doing less can be more impactful and shareable. Keeping it concise can help your brand be timely and relevant to the news from the day it breaks. GOOD NEWS
  4. 4. You can take your time refining your evergreen content, but some stories won’t wait for 19 stakeholders to approve the copy. Rest easy knowing Column Five will be following trends, pulling the most recent research, generating ideas, and creating engaging content that’s delivered to your inbox. NEWSROOM CREATIVE
  5. 5. OWNED Optimized for your Email Marketing, Blog Publishing, and Social Channel Distribution BRANDED MICRO-CONTENT: PRIMED FOR PUBLISHING EARNED Journalists and bloggers love shorter form graphics that supplement their own content PAID Quickly experiment with new approaches to native advertising in your media buying efforts
  6. 6. CREATIVE BRIEF You help establish our creative ‘sandbox’ with your target audience profiles, objectives, narratives, topics, and ideas HOW IT WORKS EDITORIAL CALENDAR We agree to a delivery schedule for all assets so you know when to expect the content to be publish-ready RESEARCH & PRODUCTION Using your brand standards, our creative team will leverage your ideas, find the stories worth telling, and produce the content POLISH & POST We will match delivery of your publish-ready content to your editorial calendar. You can even make changes or add polish with our platform, Visage
  7. 7. EXAMPLES
  8. 8. Want to learn how to tell effective stories with your data? Ask us about our ‘Data Viz 101’ workshops for your team WE LOOK FORWARD TO PRODUCING INSPIRING CONTENT TOGETHER