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How to craft consolidated math notes

2015 Honor Council Student Conferences presentation by Matt May & Ms. Kalcic

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How to craft consolidated math notes

  1. 1. How to Craft Consolidated Math Notes Student Seminar
  2. 2. What’s the point? • To have easy-to-find, concise, comprehensive math notes • To be able to better remember old topics for assessments • To better learn and reaffirm the material by writing it down and organizing your thoughts
  3. 3. Outline • This is the possible structure of a consolidated note page for a topic Note: Not all of these boxes will be necessary for every single topic!
  4. 4. Visuals/Graphs/ Tables • Visuals are effective way to remember the topic -> put at top • make simple, uncluttered, focus on the most important aspects
  5. 5. Purpose/Definition /What is it? • This can be formal for reference, or more general to jog your memory • Want topic to be defined, but also concise
  6. 6. Properties/Functions /Explanations • This is the most helpful part • Put down the technical stuff e.g. forms, identities, functions if any • This is where your math language goes, usually not words as the main part
  7. 7. Example Problems/Tricky Stuff • This is where you address application of the material • Put easy problems -> jog your memory • Put problems that you have trouble with -> for tests
  8. 8. Other Notes + Stuff to Remember • Other Notes - put down important things that were left out so far, or didn’t have a place • Stuff to Remember- put down things you think you might forget, or get wrong
  9. 9. Some Examples Logarithmic Functions(long condensed) Inverse Trig Functions + Derivatives(short condensed)
  10. 10. Tips and Tricks ➢ Try to make these notes outside of class so you can concentrate and re-affirm knowledge later ➢ Don’t feel forced to try to fill in all of the boxes, expand and omit the outline boxes as you see fit, stick to 2 pages maximum ➢ Makue sure to put them all in one place (paper notebook, OneNote, binder) ➢ In your note-taking place, separate your consolidates notes from the other pages in your notebook
  11. 11. Pros and Cons Pros • Don’t have to scramble for notes that you cant find. Great for test and exam preparation. • Don’t have to figure out what notes mean, you made them! • Helps you learn it! Cons • Takes 8-10 min outside of class • Have to make them when its fresh in your mind and before an assessment (within a week)
  12. 12. Try it Yourself!