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  1. Think Digital, Be Digital
  2. Brands today are connecting with more customers in more personalized ways through a growing number of digital channels, but with the same or fewer resources.
  3. Why does your future in Digital?  Targeted and well-segregated audiences  Promises conversions and thus better revenues  Builds brand reputation and loyalty  Builds better ROI and trust  Takes forward the online presence
  4. What’s the basic scenario? Three major kinds of Digital Media: Owned media Earned MediaPaid Media
  5. What’s the basic scenario? Three major kinds of Digital Media: We create solutions like affiliate websites / affiliate landing pages / micro-sites to drive in more traffic to your website / landing page/ Blogs/ Videos. Core Benefit – User will drive to the main website and can be tracked as the genuine traffic We suggest when, how and from where to buy digital media from. We optimise the competition, do a testing and then suggest an in-depth solution Core Benefit – Money spent can be monitored as we analyse the spends versus genuine traffic We have a content library and software's which give us an edge to analyse the content structure on social handles as well as communities. We then develop a strategy and engage targeted audiences to write / comment or chain with the brand Core Benefit – Rich content, genuine traffic, transparent optimization through a platform Owned media Earned MediaPaid Media
  6. Why the media shift has become important? Owned media Earned Media  There is a paradigm shift in how the websites are getting done. They are getting cleaner, crisper, interactive and most importantly mobile friendly.  Better User Interfaces promise better User Experiences at much better costs than before. Paid Media  Investing in a TV commercial versus creating a video and populating it on YouTube has increased engagement and decreased unmeasured investments.  Investing in ad words, blogs and social media has become optimised and much more cost effective than print ads.  Word of Mouth and Events have now been taken over by engaging content on Digital as everyone is individually linked to a platform and creating owns knowledge base.  If the idea is strong, social media helps a brand leverage self creating and affiliate content, reaching all kinds of audiences. The conversation has become two-way in real sense.
  7. Our Process Define your transformation We listen to your story, ask the right questions, and generate challenging ideas to guide your brief. Create their experience We empathise with your audience to pen emotive messaging forming the core of how we approach elegant user experience design. Evolve our understanding We invest in our long term relationship to gain deeper understanding of your world, create insightful ideas and continually evolve our shared ambitions.
  8. Our Expertise Strategic Services Marketing Services  Digital Strategy · Business Consultation · Digital Strategy · Forward Plan & Recommendations · Innovation Plan · Technical Strategy  Brand Strategy · Marketing and Communication Strategy · Marketing / Social Campaigns · Digital Brand Guidelines  Media Planning & Buying · Planning · Buying · Analysis Creative Services  User Experience Design · Audience Research · User Behavioural Research · Customer Journey Mapping · Information Architecture · Interactive Prototyping · User Testing  Design & Build · Websites · Web Applications · Native Mobile Apps · Facebook Applications · Campaign Platforms  Content Strategy · Copy Direction and Writing · Photography & Video · Animation · Infographics · Content Migration  SEO · Search Strategy · Search Engine Market Research · Competitor & Keyword Research · Content Strategy & Planning · PR Strategy & Planning · Digital Content Creation · Content and Outreach · User Engagement Evaluation · Technical SEO · Ecommerce SEO · Local SEO · Google Penalty Recovery · Reporting & Analysis  PPC We ensure that our ads provide exactly what the target audience wants.
  9. Our Expertise Strategic Services Marketing ServicesCreative Services  Digital Strategy  Brand Strategy  Media Planning & Buying  User Experience Design  Design & Build  Content Strategy  SEO  PPC
  10. What we are? A team of Technologists, Designers, Marketers, Copy Writers, Animators and Analysts. We are born from passion and intellectual excitement. We never say we know it all but we know we would not give up till we meet your needs. We urge to move forward, with you and your brand.
  11. Who we are? We are all united by a single purpose: GROWING WITH OUR CLIENTS The Leadership Team: Vishal Goyal – Director and Technology + Design Specialist 16 years of experience; International Award Winner; Sweet and Optimistic Ritesh Bhateja – Executive Director and Marketing Strategist 7 years of experience; International Award Winner; Nostalgic and Sarcastic Gautam Mehta – Art Director and Creative Execution Specialist 15 years of experience; International Award Winner; Passionate and Firm
  12. Why do we fit with you? From our own experience, we understand the kind of budgets you would want to work with. We aim to grow as you grow. We are habitual of working in given / short / strict timelines. Our quick turn around time really helps. We create fantastic user friendly visual and audio-visual content which is becomes a super hit. It nurtures your brand and audiences. Being a part of many business networks / forums, we do not just stop at your basic requirements but would be glad to keep coming back with ideas. We participate as you do.
  13. SUCCESS CASE Women’s Day Campaign for Karbonn Mobiles Target Audience: Women living in SEZ A, A+, B, B+ Campaign: What does being a woman mean to you Drivers: Contest with an incentive ; Content Curation Results : in consecutive slides
  14. •During the period (March 6 - March 10), the posts for Women’s Day have performed decently well •This particular post have achieved the second highest number of shares (refer to the encircled blue dot in above graph) which is great •This has increased the interactions on the page (being shared multiple times) and has lead newer audiences to react to the page
  15. •This Women’s Day post have achieved the second highest number of comments (refer to the encircled blue dot in above graph) which is great •This has increased the interactions on the page and has lead newer audiences to react to the page •Graph also states that other Women’s Day posts have got numerous interactions and have attracted new audiences
  16. Mithaas (Chain of Restaurants)
  17. SUCCESS CASE Problem : Usual Interaction on the Mithaas Facebook page till December 2015. Likes were limited and got stagnant Solution : We did interesting content and campaigns and did daily follow ups. Also, shared the page among specifically targeted audiences and made people feel the new eating experience through Social Result : Likes increased from 1,100 to more than 10,000 in 3 months
  18. The Terraces (Eco Tourism Luxury Resort)
  19. SUCCESS CASE Problem : The Terraces has always become a favorite property of any one who visits the resort. It’s the experience in experience but The Terraces has not been able to bring put that experience in words, to spread the word around on Social Solution : We hosted a 2 day long Bloggers Meet at The Terraces, Kanatal. Around 15 of India’s top Travel Bloggers and Journalists attended the event Result : The event acted like a bridge between audiences and the available social channels. Through this, we generated engagement driven curated content (including pictures and videos) which further helped in circulation through various channels
  20. Bloggers Meet @ The Terraces
  21. Marc Loire (Shoes and Lingerie)
  22. GDM
  23. GDN Banners for World Trade Centre (Giff Format)
  25. (UNESCO BuleDot initiative)
  26. (Eco-tourism Luxury Resort)
  27. (Risk Management Solutions)
  28. (Real Estate Giant)
  29. (Real Estate - World Trade Center)
  30. (Real Estate - World Trade Center)
  31. (Design)
  32. (Design)
  33. (GIS Company)
  35. Online Campaign
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