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IDH presentation Partner workshop

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Presentation of Timber Initiative for partners day

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IDH presentation Partner workshop

  1. 1. IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative Tropical Timber Program Utrecht, TAA partner meeting, 24 November, 2011 Margriet Glazenborg Senior Program Manager Timber (interim)
  2. 2. Agenda• Short introduction IDH• The Timber Programs• Tropical Timber Steering Committee• Tropical Timber Coordination Meeting
  3. 3. Mission of IDH• Accelerating and up-scaling sustainability within mainstream commodity markets• Mainstreaming social and ecological sustainability of commodity value chains from emerging economies to Western markets• Working on Millennium Development Goals 1, 7 and 8
  4. 4. Key ingredients of IDH• High ambitions: market transformation• Market demand driven programs• Sustainable Equity Fund – Investing in source and in market – Match funding• Coalitions of the willing: business, NGOs and governments• Inter sector learning to face international challenges
  5. 5. 4 roles of IDH1. Convene public & private partners in business driven coalitions to work on sustainable market transformation2. Upscale programs through match funding of public & private investments in producer support programs3. Accelerate sustainable trade through (inter)sector learning4. Align donors & financial institutions & other programs Development of Impact on Accelerate and localBuilding of Millennium upscale entrepreneurPP coalitions goals sustainable trade ship 1, 7 8
  6. 6. Match-funding• Match-funding private sector investments• In kind contributions matched only if directly contributing to the program objectives• Other donors invest in our programs as well• Maximum 10% overhead costs
  7. 7. Timber: one of the critical commodities
  8. 8. For a faster more robust certification process…And the necessary demand alignment...
  9. 9. Tropical Timber Steering Committee• Role of the TTSC – Strategize – Approve plans and monitor progress – Act as a champion, develop business. – Outreach and secure funding.• Steering Committee Members – Jack van Ham – Hans Hoogeveen – Anne Schouten – Roberto Waack – Ted van der Put (interim chair) – 1-2 vacancies
  10. 10. Tropical Timber Coordination Meeting• Tropical Timber Coordination Meeting – To enable practical collaboration on activities relating to market linking, fundraising and communication – To prevent duplication or reinventing the wheel and to facilitate joint learning. – Interested parties can join the TTCM when appropriate, for example WWF, ICCO, etc.