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Big Data Insights & Opportunities

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Shortcomings in managing/using data take their toll on businesses. Learn where the opportunities are for managing that data.

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Big Data Insights & Opportunities

  1. 1. Big DataInsights & Opportunities
  2. 2. About this ResearchEnclosed is a sampling of key findings from CompTIA’s recentlypublished Big Data Insights and Opportunities study.This research seeks to establish a foundation of knowledge and understanding for big data and the relatedtopics. The study focuses on:• Establishing a baseline for where businesses are in data capture, storage, management and analysis• Identifying key end user needs and challenges associated with data• Gauging familiarity and incidence rates for big data initiatives• Assessing IT channel partner perceptions of big data opportunitiesThis research was conducted in two parts:• Quantitative survey of 500 IT and business executives (aka end users)• Quantitative survey of 435 IT firms (aka IT channel)Data collection occurred during July 2012.The full report is available at no charge to CompTIA members. They can access the report by logging into themember area of, or, by contacting us at
  3. 3. Data Already Critically Important to Businesses; Likely to Further Intensify Importance Today Anticipated Importance in 2014 34% Very Very Important 41% Important 53% Important 46% Important 12% 11% NET Neutral NET NET Neutral NETUnimportant Important Unimportant Important Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 500 U.S. business and IT executives (aka end users)
  4. 4. Shortcomings in Managing/Using Data Take Their Toll on Businesses Wasted time that could be spent in other areas of the business 50%Inefficient or slow decision-making / Lack of agility 43% Internal confusion over priorities 31%Reduced margins due to operational inefficiencies 30% Inability to effectively assess staff performance 27% Inability to reach new customer segments 25% Lost sales 24% Slow to market with new products 15% Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 500 U.S. business and IT executives (aka end users)
  5. 5. Despite Growing Media Coverage, Many Executives Unfamiliar with the Concept of Big Data Familiarity with the Profile of Big Data Familiarity Concept of Big Data 51% Familiarity among large companies (vs. 27% for small) Familiar 37% 44% Familiarity among IT executives (vs. 26% for business executives) 44% Familiarity among those using advanced BI tools (vs. 26% for 63% those who are not) Unfamiliar Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 500 U.S. business and IT executives (aka end users)
  6. 6. 1 in 5 Businesses Report Engaging in Some Type of Big Data Initiative* *Based on their interpretation of Big Data Incidence of Engaging in Some Profile of Those Reporting Type of Big Data Initiative Some Type of Big Data Initiative Yes 19% 28% of large companies report a big data initiative (vs. 11% for small) 28% of data savvy companies report a big data initiative (vs. 13% for those that are not data savvy) 45% 36% Equal numbers of Business and ITNo, an No, but Executives report a big data initiative. d no moving plans in that direction Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 500 U.S. business and IT executives (aka end users)
  7. 7. Businesses Seek Improvement in Many Areas of Data Analytics Doing, But Want to No Currently Want to Start Plans/NData Analytics or Data Capability Type Doing Well Improve Doing ARemote or mobile access to corporate data 24% 40% 24% 12%Website traffic patterns 20% 41% 21% 18%Search capabilities across organizations many data sources 17% 40% 26% 16%Real-time analysis of incoming data 17% 46% 23% 14%Email marketing campaign effectiveness 15% 46% 18% 21%Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 15% 43% 22% 20%Customer profiling and segmentation analysis 14% 46% 22% 18%Visualization capabilities (e.g. dashboards) 13% 41% 28% 17%Predictive analytics to forecast sales and other trends 13% 45% 23% 20%Social media monitoring 12% 41% 20% 27%Pattern recognition 10% 31% 28% 30%Relationship analysis (e.g. X is highly correlated with Y) 9% 40% 27% 24% Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 500 U.S. business and IT executives (aka end users)
  8. 8. IT Firms Begin to Build Out Their Big Data Offerings Currently offering to customers Plan to begin offering over next 12 months Big Data Application Deployment 31% or Integration services 12% 28% Big Data Consulting or Advisory services 14% Big Data Analytics (e.g. business 27% intelligence, predictive analytics) 9% Big Data Collection (e.g. facilitating the 26% efficient collection of streams of data) 11% Big Data Storage and Management 25% Applications (e.g. Hadoop) 12% Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 435 U.S. IT companies
  9. 9. Big Data’s Long-term Outlook MostlyPromising, but Some IT Firms See Many Unknowns Big Data Hyped at Appropriate Level Big Data Currently Over-Hyped 30% 39% 24% 7% Hyped at the Hyped at the Over-hyped; Over-hyped; appropriate level; appropriate level; long-term long-term long-term outlook long-term outlook outlook still outlook very still unknown very promising unknown promising Source: CompTIA’s Big Data Insights & Opportunities study Base: 400 U.S. IT firms
  10. 10. Want to know more?As the voice of the IT industry, CompTIA hashundreds of tools, market intelligence reports and comptia.orgtraining programs to help IT channelorganizations grow their business througheducation, certification, advocacy andphilanthropy.Check it out at