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The Canterville Ghost

A presentation with activities about "The Canterville Ghost" Burlington Books graded story. 2º ESO.

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The Canterville Ghost

  2. 2. 2 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Hiram Otis, the American embassador, buys Canterville Chase, Lord’s Canterville’s English county mansion, and moves there with his family. But they must share the house with the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville –bloodstains, noisy chains and all. However, the Otises are modern Americans – they don’t believe in ghosts- and their mission is to show Sir Simon exactly that. Only young Virginia feels sorry for the ghost and goes on a dangerous journey to help him find peace. Can she really help him?
  4. 4. 4 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Oscar Wilde (Dublin, October 16th,1854 – Paris, November 30th,1900) was an Irish author, playwright, essayist and poet. He is known for his short children story “The Happy Prince” (1819), the play “The Importance of Being Earnest” and the The Picture of Dorian Gray. (1890)
  5. 5. 5 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 1 & 2 1. The Canterville Ghost always appeared ___ of the death of somebody in the Canterville family. a. before b. after c. at the time 2. The ghost touched the ___ of Lord Canterville’s aunt. a. face b. shoulder c. hand 3. ___ doesn’t believe in ghosts. a. Mrs Umney b. Lord Canterville c. Mr Otis 4. ___ first appeared at Canterville Chase in 1584. a. Washington Otis b. Sir Simon’s ghost c. Lord Canterville 5. According to Lord Canterville, Americans are very ___. a. gentle b. practical c. honest 6. The Otises took the ___ to Canterville a. train b. boat c. bus
  6. 6. 6 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 1 & 2 7. The twins were the ___ of the Otis children. a. youngest b. quietest c. most attractive 8. The atmosphere inside Canterville Chase was a little ___. a. frightening b. tranquil c. lovely 9. Virginia noticed some strange writing on the library ___. a. wall b. door c. window 10. Sir Simon killed Lady Eleanore in the ___. a. garden b. fireplace c. garden
  7. 7. 7 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 3 & 4 1. Sir Simon killed his wife and then ___. a. disappeared b. went to prison c. died 2. According to Mrs Umney, it was ___ to remove the bloodstain from the library floor. a. possible b. impossible c. easy 3. ___ cleaned the stain with Pinkerton’s Champion stain Remover. a. Mrs Otis b. Mrs Umney c. Washington 4. Mrs Umney heard the ghost’s chains and was ___. a. nervous b. surprised c. happy 5. The ghost didn’t ___ Mr Otis. a. frighten b. see c. hear 5. The bloodstain on the library floor appeared ___. a. only three times b. again and again c. every afternoon
  8. 8. 8 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 3 & 4 7. The stain ___ the Otis family. a. worried b. frightened c. fascinated 8. In the night, Mr Otis heard a noise. It came from ___. a. the corridor b. his room c. the library 9. Mr Otis took a bottle from his bedroom’s ___. a. cupboard b. shelf c. table 10. The Canterville Ghost had dark ___ under his eyes. a. lines b. circles c. marks
  9. 9. 9 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 5 & 6 1. The ghost’s clothes were ___. a. old and dirty b. clean and elegant c. heavy 2. Mr Otis left a bottle of ___ on a table for the ghost. a. water b. medicine c. lubricator 3. The Canterville Ghost was ___ Mr Otis. a. afraid of b. furious with c. happy with 4. The twins threw a ___ at the ghost. a. pillow b. table c. bottle 5. The ghost thought the Otis family were ___. a. insulting b. funny c. Silent 6. The ghost went to a room at the back of the house and thought about ___. a. Virginia b. his past victims c. the stain
  10. 10. 10 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 5 & 6 7. The twins ___ at the Canterville Ghost. a. shouted b. shot peas c. threw a bottle 8. The ghost tried to frighten the Otis family with his ___. a. demonic laugh b. big, black dog c. suit of armour 9. ___ gave the ghost a bottle of medicine. a. Mrs Otis b. Washington c. Mr Otis 10. The Canterville Ghost was frustrated and he ___. a. disappear b. run downtairs c. left the house
  11. 11. 11 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 7 & 8 1. The ghost felt weak and stayed in his room for ___. a. a few weeks b. a few days c. one week 2. The ghost wore a big hat and a long ___. a. shirt b. coat c. cape 3. A storm started and the weather was ___ for his plan. a. perfect b. bad c. terrible 4. The ghost decided not to frighten ___ very much. a. Virginia b. Washington c. Mrs Otis 5. The ghost planned to transform into a ___ to frighten the twins. a. skeleton b. dagger c. monster
  12. 12. 12 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 7 & 8 6. The Canterville Ghost was frigthened of the ___. a. fire b. other ghost c. dark 7. The Canterville Ghost was ___ because of the twins’ trick. a. furious b. happy c. sad 8. The ghost fell over the ___ across the corridor all the time. a. bucket b. cords c. stairs 9. The ghost removed his ___ and tried to frighten the twins. a. Arm b. Head c. eye 10. The ghost had a temperature because a ___ fell on him. a. bucket b. cupboard c. dagger
  13. 13. 13 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 9 & 10 1. The ghost room was at the ___ of the house. a. corner b. front c. back 2. Virginia ___ the Canterville Ghost. a. hated b. felt sorry for c. hurt 3. According to Virginia, the ghost did something very ___. a. honest b. cruel c. gentle 4. Virginia was angry because the ghost ___ her family. a. insulted b. tortured c. stole 5. Virginia ___ the bloodstain on the library floor wasn’t real. a. didn’t know b. suspected c. knew
  14. 14. 14 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 9 & 10 6. It was impossible for the ghost to ___. a. sleep b. paint c. sing 7. A ___ sang all night in the Garden of Death. a. bird b. young girl c. frightening ghost 8. The ghost needed Virginia’s help to find ___. a. the angel b. peace c. the prophecy 9. The prophecy on the library window was about ___. a. Lady Eleanore b. Virginia c. Lord Canterville 10. Virginia must ___ the Angel of Death to help the ghost. a. repair b. meet c. kill
  15. 15. 15 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 11 & 12 1. There was an old ___on the other side of the ghost’s room. a. jug b. bowl c. tapestry 2. The wall disappeared and Virginia entered a ___. a. big cave b. long corridor c. small room 3. Mrs Otis became worried because Virginia didn’t appeared for ___. a. afternoon tea b. breakfast c. lunch 4. Mr Otis went to the ___ to look for Virginia. a. library b. garden c. train station 5. At midnight, Virginia appeared from a ___ on the wall. a. tapestry b. coffin c. panel
  16. 16. 16 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Chapters 11 & 12 6. Virginia took her family to ___ Sir Simon. a. meet b. help c. say goodbye to 7. The Otises entered a room with a ___ on the floor. a. box b. torch c. skeleton 8. Sir Simon ___ in the small room. a. died b. slept c. lived 9. The Angel of Death ___ Sir Simon. a. killed b. forgave c. hurt 10. The ___ was the same as the ghost’s description of the Garden of Death. a. funeral procession b. cemetery c. secret corridor
  17. 17. 17 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Final check 1. Nobody wanted to live at Canterville Chase because of ___. a. Lord Canterville b. Lady Eleanore c. The Canterville Ghost 2. There was a red ___ on the library floor. a. bottle b. book c. bloodstain 3. The Canterville Ghost was a ___ man. a. young b. old c. funny 4. The bloodstain on the library floor started to change ___. a. colour b. shape c. size 5. The ghost wanted to transform into a big, black dog to frighten ___. a. Mrs Otis b. Washington c. George and Lincoln
  18. 18. 18 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST Final check 6. The ghost hated the Otises and their strange American ___. a. products b. clothes c. food 7. The twins appeared as a ___ to frighten Sir Simon. a. skeleton b. green man c. ghost 8. Virginia was angry because the ghost stole her ___. a. paints b. horse c. sandwich 9. The ghost convinced Virginia to help him find ___. a. his wife b. peace c. love 10. Virginia ___ at Sir Simon’s funeral. a. laughed b. sang c. cried
  19. 19. 19 THE CANTERVILLE GHOST By Conchi Murillo. -FEBRUARY 2016-