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Pin it!: linking shelf-marks to shelf locations - Vanessa Buckley & Debra McCann, University College Dublin

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Poster presented at CONUL conference, May 2018, Galway, Ireland

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Pin it!: linking shelf-marks to shelf locations - Vanessa Buckley & Debra McCann, University College Dublin

  1. 1. Pin it! Linking shelf-marks to shelf locations Due to legacy issues and the layout out of the library floors locating material on the shelves in UCD Library is not intuitive leading to a large number of queries at information desks. Opening beyond service hours means that for the library to be truly self-service, users need to be able to locate material easily and independently. StackMap was identified as a possible solution. Aims - Empowering users to find material quickly - Improving the user experience - Complementing existing finding tools - Giving clear directions to desired material Stack Map is a collection mapping tool which is embedded into the library catalogue and links the shelf-mark on the catalogue to the shelf location. Implementation - Negotiating specific requirements based on DDC to ensure call numbers pinned in one location - Legacy issues: As UCD Library had 3 library management systems , and during the migration some elements were lost ? i.e. call numbers in item records of serials - Importance of call numbers: 3 elements are required to Pin material Location Status Call number - Over 6000 items needed call number added in order to Pin correctly - Special location code required to Pin - 820 IR & 330 IR - General pin-points used to Pin specific collections rather than call numbers within collections Process Plan how to map shelving aisles across the floors Upload data to StackMap Assign all shelving aisles a number Edit data to future proof for addition of new stock Collect data Debra McCann & Vanessa Buckley Client Services, James Joyce Library, University College Dublin