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So many choices - which tattoo to choose?

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So many choices - which tattoo to choose?

  1. 1. ==== ====Download Tatto Piercing & Designs,%20piercing==== ====Choosing a tattoo for the first time can be a hard thing to do, especially when the tattoo is going tobe permanent on your body for the rest of your life. Now which tattoo designs should you choose?First thing you need to consider is WHY you are getting the tattoo, what is your motive behind thetattoo? What do you want to express through the tattoo? This will surely help you cut down yoursearch options so that you can choose the perfect tattoo design that you want.I have a few in my mind that I dont mind sharing, so here they are:-If you enjoy outside stuff such as trees, nature in general, animals, and other things, you can usethis as a motivation to get the tattoo in this category.-Another thing you can think about is if you love art. What kind of artist comes to your mind, whatkind of art design comes to your mind and stuff along those areas.-There are a lot of people out there that use famous people such as poets, music artists and whatnot.-These days, I myself have seen many people use Graffiti type of tattoos on their body all thetime.-Many people these days are also looking at Tribal or Celtic types of tattoos to show off on theirbody.-Some of the other tattoo designs include cultural tattoos, historical tattoos, etc.-You know what would be a good idea, getting Abstract Tattoos on your body. I have seen peopleuse this type as well.-A unique way to express is writing quotes in different languages on your body as well.-Maybe you can try tattoo mixing? Perhaps mix several different tattoos into some type of tattoo?You know what would make you really stand out is if you created your OWN type of tattoo. Sure,you can go to a Tattoo parlor and get a random tattoo through a design book, but does it reallymake sense to be unoriginal? Would you not like to be creative and want to stand out from thecrowd? You can create your own types of tattoo(s) if you want. Let me share a few ideas with youjust to give you a head start.-Neck to Leg, Full out Fire Dragon on back or front of body-Crying baby from your neck to your legs on your back or frontThese are just a few ideas that you may consider. In all my years of tattoo designing and studying,I have never seen those kinds of tattoos done to anyone before, so this may be a good chance foryou to snag a pretty good design or designs.Now you maybe thinking, why create my own tattoos when I can just get a already created one?As Ive said above, its better to be unique than to carry an overused tattoo. You can add yourOWN personal touch to your tattoo. Add as much detail you want to your tattoo, as much as you
  2. 2. want. Just remember than the bigger in details your tattoo is, the more expensive your tattoo mayget, depending on which tattoo parlor you go to, just keep that in mind.There is one type of tattoo that interests me the most out of everything and that is Full SleeveTattoo Designs. What is it you may ask? Full sleeve tattoo design is the popularity tattoo designsthat not are only carried by a regular person, but famous people such as celebrities, soccerplayers, football players, basketball players and other sports people carry, as well as many othertypes of famous people.One of the main reasons as to why people really do this type of tattooing is because they want tounravel a story that they are trying to give off. For example, I have seen a famous soccer playerthat carries a full arm tattoo and his tattoo signifies what he loves, which is soccer and the love forhis country. People in this type of tattooing always express personal touches and personalexpressions.There is one thing that I would like to warn you about and what to do about it. You are going to bestuck with a tattoo for a LONG, LONG time, so you might as well choose a tattoo worth your while.So you should do what some famous people have done. Start your tattoo design off small,meaning start your tattoo design small and then work your way up from there. The beauty ofhaving new technology is that you can see how a tattoo will look on you before you wear it, so besure to look on the computer to see if the tattoo is right for you or not. Start off with a small tattooand then work your way from there. Carefully choose every portion of your tattoo rememberingthat you WILL be stuck with this tattoo for a very long time. You may want to put several smalltattoos together to make a larger tattoo or you could put a few large tattoos together to make arather large, but unique tattoo to show off.So basically, after all of the information I have shared with you in this article, I just want to sum itall up by giving you a short summary. What I have talked to you above in this article can besummarized like this:1.Gather up a design idea for your tattoo (either from a design book or your own design)2.Finalize on a design that will perfectly suit you and the type of person you are.3.Find a tattoo artista.This shouldnt be much of a hard task at all. Every city has tattoo designs, just look on theInternet if you have trouble.4.Test your tattoo design5.Have your tattoo design done on your body.Tattoo DesignsCustom Tattoo DesignsArticle Source:
  3. 3. ====Download Tatto Piercing & Designs,%20piercing==== ====