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Social Media for Churches

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Presentation on social media for church created for the Clergy Leadership Institute social media workshop on May 4th, 2013 in Austin, TX.

Translated title: L'Église et les réseaux sociaux. Kirche und soziale Medien.

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Social Media for Churches

  1. Social MediaThe Church&What Can Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Offer Your Church?
  2. Go into all the world and proclaim the goodnews to the whole creation (Mark 16:15)
  3. Excellent Advice for churchesinterested in social media
  4. • Connect with other pastors (prof. development)• Connect the congregation during the week• Reach out to people outside the congregation• Increase visibility of the church & its programsWHY?
  5. Some examples from around the webHow?
  6. people are more likely to interact with a photo (like it,comment, share) than with Just links, OR text.
  7. 19,907 photos taggedwith #rethinkchurch[the tag used onsocial media for thisproject] on Instagramalone.People from otherdenominations [andno denomination],young, old, inside theUS and outside,participated.Results:
  8. Pictures collected on Pinterest
  9. The Episcopal Church Advent Calendar on PinterestNote the number of repins, likes and comments
  10. Other ways to use PinterestInspiration boards, activities boards, etc.
  11. Similar use of Pinterest by a church
  12. The Big Bible Project on Pinterest
  13. Visual PsalmistsInspirational pictures that answer the question, "Where did you see God today?"Visual psalmists see photography as an extension of their spirituality.
  14. Parishioners holding signsthat read “I love mychurch” & the web“Instead of simply sharingimages on their page andleaving it at that, thechurch encouraged peopleto use the photos as theirprofile pictures onFacebook, which most did.leveraging their fans’connections to expand thereach of their content.”Covenant City
  15. OnlyTakes12turnstoreachover1millionpeopleLeveragingfans’connectionstoexpandthereachoftheircontent
  16. Find out Why Microsite:who we are, preaching, worship, kids, visit
  17. Another Facebook example: create cover photos for eventsCannot include: images with more than 20% text; contact info; calls to action
  18. Video Allows your church to tell its story:experience worship, people, culture & virtual participation
  19. A fun weekly web series about the objects, symbols and terms used in church,produced by the United Methodist Church’s General Board of Discipleship.Chuck knows Church:
  20. Busted Halo® Ministries:helps young adults explore their spirituality, discover (or re-discover) therich depths of Catholic tradition, and connect to communities of faith.
  21. Noone to produce your videos?Why not ask a youth group for help?
  22. Twitter as a Church Communication toolSome local examples - Not trying to pick on anyone!
  23. RespondingBuildingCommunityListening/MonitoringBroadcastingLevelsofEngagement1-way1-way2-way short-term2-way long-term
  24. Some local Examples:• Following very few• can’t see their tweets• difficult to interact (no@replies)• difficult to buildcommunity• Indicative of 1-waybroadcasting model• Decent number ofTwitter followers
  25. Some local Examples:• Following only one• impossible to buildcommunity• Indicative of 1-waybroadcasting model
  26. Some local Examples:• No @replies• Missed opportunities forinteraction & visibility• When talking aboutpeople/orgs/businesses,use their Twitter handle(if they have one)• When talking aboutmajor events, usehashtags (gives youvisibility outsideyour network)
  27. Some local Examples:• Simply adding #ATXwould have made thismessage visible toanyone who follows the#ATX hashtag, not just the144 followers. Possibilityto reach the Austincommunity not affiliatedwith the church.• Same: Using #Boston or#PrayforBoston could havetaken this message to aninternational community
  28. Some local Examples:• Try to create interest/givepeople a reason to clickon your links
  29. Some local Examples:• Retweets, but still nodirect interaction(@replies)
  30. How Successful Brandsuse Twitter:• Use hashtags for visibility• Use @username whentalking about others• Promote other causes
  31. How SuccessfulBrands use Twitter:• 2-way communication
  32. Why you should care about twittertweets from religious leaders are very popular among Twitter users
  33. How to Develop your TwitterNetwork
  34. Growing your Twitter networkUse Twitter’s search engine to find their Twitter handleFollow them on TwitterExpand the list of people you follow by:++Checking their following/follower listsChecking out Twitter listsIdentify people in your field, people you admire
  35. Start with aTwitter search ifyou don’t knowanyoneCheck outpromising twitterusers by clickingon Twitter handle
  36. Check theirtweets to get anidea for whatthey tweet about
  37. If they used ahashtag thatlooks promising,check it out:#chsocm
  38. Check following/followers listsCheck Twitter lists
  39. Subscribed to: liststhe user has createdor is followingMember of: lists otherusers have addedthis user toYou can follow theentire list or pickindividual listmembers to follow
  40. Click on a list, then click on list membersFollow the entire list or individual members: check out last few tweets
  41. Don’t just go withthe first one.Check activity,date of last tweet,etc.
  42. Check theirtweets to get anidea for whatthey tweet about
  43. Check the people they are following
  44. If the tweets look valuable to you, click follow ...
  45. ... or create your own list to add them to!
  46. Sample list I created:
  47. Growing your Twitter networkUse Twitter’s search engine to find their Twitter handleFollow them on TwitterExpand the list of people you follow by:++Checking their following/follower listsChecking out Twitter listsChecking out #followfriday & #hashtags +Identify people in your field, people you admire
  48. Check out #followfriday suggestions
  49. Go to (leave out the @)If you like, click follow or add to your list
  50. Growing your Twitter networkUse Twitter’s search engine to find their Twitter handleFollow them on TwitterExpand the list of people you follow by:++Checking their following/follower listsChecking out Twitter listsChecking out #followfriday & #hashtags +Checking RTs to find out who sent the original tweet +Identify people in your field, people you admire
  51. Checking RTs to find out who sent the original tweet@NewMediaAtCTS retweeting @ReligionEthics
  52. 1. Filter your incoming tweets:Use TweetDeck or Hootsuite todivide followees into groups2. Test drive your subscriptionsThen re-evaluate3. Repeat steps to add new voices to your TwitterstreamGroup 1 Group 2 Group 3Keep Tweaking IT
  53. TweetDeck
  54. Find their individual and/or organizational blogsSubscribe to their blog’s RSS feedExpand the list of people you subscribe to by:Checking their blog rollFollowing links on their blog to other blogsChecking to see if your favorite twitter users blog+++Growing your network through BlogsIdentify people in your field, people you admire
  55. Subscribe to blogs with a feed reader such as BloglinesIt makes the info come to you (click to watch the video)
  56. Download the file and import it into BloglinesAnd voilà: you’re now subscribed to these blogs!
  57. Developing a network is just the First stepStep 2: Engage & maintain, or else:Remember
  58. How toEngage otherson the social web
  59. 8020 RuleThou shalt not use more than 20% of thytweets to promote thyself80% of thy tweets shall add value to thyfollowers
  60. What toTWEETAbout?Church NewsSermon/BibleVerse/PrayerPics/Behind the Scene PicPeek into Personal LifePublic ThankYouListen/Learn/GrowOffer EncouragementEngage, Interact, RTQuestions/Answers/Feedback
  61. Behind the Scene Pic
  62. Sermon/Bible Verse/Prayer
  63. Sermon/Bible Verse/PrayerBonus Points for adding a personal touch
  64. Sermon/Bible Verse/PrayerBonus Points for adding a personal touch
  65. Recognize, encourage others
  66. Questions/Answers/Feedback
  67. Listening toConversationsWho & what to listen for? How to do so?
  68. Set up a search in Tweetdeckor Hootsuite:Listen for:• community/city name• church name• event/program names• pastor names• relevant hashtags
  69. Type in keywordsClick goMonitor the web for mentions
  70. Click “Feed Settings”
  71. CopyURLintoFeedReader
  72. 15minutes a dayRelationships take time to grow & maintain• Listen to the conversation• Respond to people• Check the resources shared by your network• Share other people’s tweets/links• Share your own thoughts or content
  73. Create or Re-use?Make a list of already existing content
  74. Advent devotionals written by church membersWhy not share on a social platform & allow writersto share it with their social networks?
  75. Ideas for kids’ministry:Children’s messageactivities. Pin activitiesrelated to the weeklychildren’s message to aPinterest board.User submitted artwork.Encourage your communityto share their own artworkbased on the weeklymessage or current sermonseries. Repin and highlight alltheir great work.
  76. Churches Already have lots of contentCollect and share it on social platforms
  77. CREDITS:Corinne Weisgerber, Ph.D.Associate Prof. of CommunicationSt. Edward’s Universitycorinnew@stedwards.eduTwitter: @corinnew