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Career Trends Report: Employee Pursuit of Purpose

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While a competitive salary, company perks and an exceptional office culture may seem enticing to the American workforce, a new study shows there are more important factors motivating employees to make critical career decisions.

A recent Cornerstone OnDemand survey conducted by Kelton Global reveals that career satisfaction and work-life balance are the top reasons American employees stay at their current jobs (38 percent combined), while nearly three in ten (29 percent) resign due to work overload and lack of healthy work-life balance.

What’s more, employees will make life-altering decisions and considerable sacrifices in order to find a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose in their careers. In fact, 89 percent of employees would consider making a lateral career move with no financial incentive for multiple reasons, including to start an entirely new career (41 percent) or take on a professional challenge (40 percent). Additionally, relocating to a different city, state or country is a desirable career move for 77 percent of employees.

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Career Trends Report: Employee Pursuit of Purpose

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