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Talent Mayhem...or Talent Management? HR Generalist vs. HR Specialist

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HR generalists are the proverbial jack of all trades, master of none. Find out why working with a dedicated talent management specialist is better for your business and your bottom line.

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Talent Mayhem...or Talent Management? HR Generalist vs. HR Specialist

  1. 1. HR SPecialistHR Generalist talent mayhem...or talent management? vs
  2. 2. What’s the Difference? HR generalists are the proverbial jack of all trades, master of none. Their core areas of business are ERP, payroll and HRIS, and if they offer talent management, it’s often as an add-on or an acquired business, not as an organically grown solution. Only an HR specialist can put your talent management front and center. A specialist focuses on one thing, and one thing only: how to help you source, develop, and engage your workforce nimbly and easily. Find out why working with a dedicated talent management specialist is better for your business and your bottom line...
  3. 3. OR one integrated platform designed just for talent management? Would you rather buy a clunky talent add-on from a general HR/ERP suite…
  4. 4. A specialist by nature is dedicated to doing one thing and doing it really, really well. This single-mindedness translates to an ongoing commitment to designing and implementing faster, smarter ways to source, develop, and engage your workforce. For a generalist, talent management software is an afterthought at best— and at worst, merely bounty from their latest merger, an inherited tool the generalist doesn’t know how to develop or manage. SPecialistGeneralist vs E=MC2
  5. 5. Would you rather make multiple calls and wait weeks for a support ticket to be resolved… Get all your answers from a dedicated Client Success Manager? OR
  6. 6. A specialist offers a single support team for all products, making it easy to get answers quickly on your schedule, not the vendor’s. A dedicated support manager helps you solve daily challenges—and build a powerful talent management strategy over time. Generalists simply can’t provide targeted, timely answers to your questions when they’re distracted supporting multiple, disjointed product lines resulting from numerous acquisitions. You’re left waiting days or weeks for answers while your team suffers and productivity languishes. SPecialistGeneralist vs Hi It’s me Jim!Hi, Jim!
  7. 7. Would you rather remember multiple logins and passwords… simply one? OR
  8. 8. A specialist always begins with the end (user) in mind. A seamless interface ensures a comprehensive view of every facet of talent management in one place, with one login and password. Generalists expect you to remember logins and passwords for a variety of interfaces. This is a huge hindrance to getting true visibility into your organization—and increasing user adoption. What good is software if everyone’s too intimidated to use it? SPecialistGeneralist vs
  9. 9. experience true, seamlessly delivered innovation? Would you rather buy expensive software upgrades… OR
  10. 10. By focusing on one key area—talent management—specialists have more freedom and resources to innovate. And since specialists only deliver cloud-based solutions, new features are added at no charge to you and you always have the most current version of the platform. Generalists care about selling you a broad mixed bag of buggy cloud and on- premise HR applications and expensive upgrades, sometimes as often as every year. If support is sunsetted for your existing version, you’ll have no choice but to purchase the new version. SPecialistGeneralist vs
  11. 11. Would you rather experience a patchwork of modules and interfaces… powerful configurability and scalability? OR
  12. 12. Specialists believe the tool should always adapt to the client, not the other way around. This outlook results in the creation of flexible and configurable systems designed to integrate seamlessly with any HRIS— and grow with you. For generalists, “configurability” is more of a marketing buzzword than a reality. Multiple acquisitions make true integration impossible. Instead, clients usually have to pay for expensive customizations, making for less flexibility moving forward. SPecialistGeneralist vs
  13. 13. You wouldn’t expect your family practitioner to perform neurosurgery or a fast food cook to create a sushi masterpiece, so why leave your talent management to a generalist? An HR specialist provides tools designed to help you attract, develop, and retain talent—more efficiently, with less paperwork and definitely less mayhem. More than 1,400 companies around the globe rely on Cornerstone OnDemand’s specialized integrated talent management suite to recruit top talent, manage performance, plan for succession, and develop leaders. Find out more by visiting ©2013 Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. All Rights Reserved. csod-generalistsvspecialists-9/2013