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Recruiting Lookbook

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Discover why a social talent acquisition strategy is vital to organizations of all sizes facing a new generation of job seekers. For more information about the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud, visit

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Recruiting Lookbook

  1. 1. recruiting
  2. 2. Take a look at just how far Cornerstone OnDemand’s Recruiting Cloud can take your talent acquisition strategy. intro As part of an integrated talent management suite, the Recruiting Cloud moves talent teams beyond just posting job requisitions and blindly hiring. Discover why a social talent acquisition strategy is vital to organizations of all sizes facing a new generation of job seekers.
  3. 3. learn Why your social recruiting strategy should start with Cornerstone’s Recruiting Cloud. recruiting
  4. 4. social sourcing
  5. 5. Easy & efficient for everyone in the organization to explore their networks for talent.
  6. 6. social sourcing {why social sourcing matters} « 9 out of 10 organizations are using social media in their recruiting efforts, if that’s not you, it’s your competition {Nielsen, 2012} « Segment, target, & reach the right audiences (millennials, GenX/Y, or any other specific skilled groups) by the types of social media they prefer « Eliminate the need for contractors & external agencies to ‘try’ to understand your organization & blindly target candidates {drive social sourcing initiatives} « Candidates can apply, share or forward the job requisition – a viral way to extend your reach within talent networks « Matching technology suggests candidates for the job based on social profile information « Automate & track publishing of jobs to social networks, online communities, & job boards
  7. 7. employee referrals
  8. 8. Encourage your team to grow referrals – the highest quality, lowest cost source of hires.
  9. 9. employee referrals {why employee referrals are key} « Look to your best performers, they have their own personal networks of candidates with similar training/education, interests & skills « Current employees can detect whether a candidate they know personally would be a cultural fit or can meet organizational expectations « Dramatically reduce your cost-to-hire conversion rates & focus on-boarding the candidate {boost employee referrals} « Engage all employees in helping out with referrals. Build your career site with an authentic employer brand « Employees easily initiate referrals – & use their social networks to spread the word « Automate tracking of referrals, so you can recognize employees for their contributions
  10. 10. collaborative hiring
  11. 11. Enable hiring managers & teams to share profiles – identify skills, collect feedback & make the right decisions.
  12. 12. collaborative hiring {why collaborative hiring is important} « Alignment on desired skills & level of candidate often become varied between talent acquisition teams, outdated job descriptions, & hiring managers « Trust & visibility must be restored amongst the entire organization & the hiring process « Collect feedback from everyone involved in the hiring process—at all levels {make collaborative hiring happen w/ Cornerstone} « Streamline the interview process with candidate profiles, certifications & skills assessments « Improve the process with collaborative reviews, ratings & rankings « Deliver the best candidate experience that provides status & visibility into the hiring process, so they’ll always know what is happening
  13. 13. strong pipelines
  14. 14. Build the best pipeline for future openings while transforming candidate pools into active & passive talent communities.
  15. 15. strong pipelines {why talent pipelines are necessary} « Social media has changed the way active & passive candidates are approached & engaged by recruiters & hiring managers « Identify the game-changers who can impact your organization in the future « Passive candidates often can suggest or refer someone they think is looking for a new job or best fit for a position {grow internal & external talent pipelines} « Build blended talent pools of internal & external candidates for positions « Maintain candidate contacts for future growth areas in your organization « Develop relationships & continued engagement with future prospects & passive candidates
  16. 16. Talent acquisition starts with Cornerstone!