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Digital Citizenship Symposium

The slides were used to support the conversations with grades 4-9 at Calgary Girl's School for their Digital Citizenship Symposium. This was facilitated on January 20th, in Calgary Alberta

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Digital Citizenship Symposium

  1. Digital Citizenship Symposium Calgary Girlʼs School - January 20/2011 with Dr. Alec Couros
  2. 1. digital footprints 2. digital identity3. fostering responsible citizenship
  3. Digital Footprint
  4. Digital Footprint “Emma”
  5. 37% of Canadian parents share sonograms online 84% of Canadian toddlers have an online identityDigital Footprint
  6. domain name purchases are trendy gifts for newbornsDigital Footprint
  7. kids start youngDigital Footprint
  8. choices are madeDigital Footprint
  9. schools also contribute
  10. How will Emma continue this journey?Digital Footprint
  11. how is digital different?
  12. distractions
  14. Easily Copied Instantly SharedEasily Edited Viewable by Millions
  15. ʻBieber Feverʼ
  16. cyberbullying
  17. best face forward
  18. word spreads
  19. students make mistakes
  20. teachers make mistakes
  21. some mistakes havetragic consequences
  22. questions
  23. public vs. privateWhat are ʻthingsʼ that are probably OK to share online? What are ʻthingsʼ that are probably best kept private?
  24. public private•Sharing a video (on •Sharing a photograph (onYoutube) of you singing in Flickr) of your sister on aa school play. sick day.
  25. public private •Sharing a video (on •Sharing a photograph (on Youtube) of you singing in Flickr) of your sister with a a school play. swollen mouth after a visit to the dentist. Now what are reasons that would make you think twice about your choices?•do you have permission •did your sister give youfrom others in the video? permission to put this online?•are your breaking any •is she old enough to makecopyright? a wise decision?
  26. why private? What are good reasons whywe should keep certain things private?
  27. why public? What are good reasons whywe should share certain things?
  28. decision-makingWhat questions did you ask yourself when deciding what to keep private and what to share publicly?
  29. responsesWhat questions did you ask yourself when deciding what to keep private and what to share publicly?
  30. (Digital) Identity
  32. identity sleuthing
  33. Our Subjects Dean Shareski George CourosSheryl Nussbaum-Beach Kim Cofino Vicki Davis Jeff Utecht Kathy Cassidy Danika Barker
  34. friends professional& familypersonal other data
  35. what did we learn?
  36. sharing of data What did you learn about these people?What are your thoughts about what you found?
  37. footprints and identityWhat do you think is the relationship between digital footprints and digital identity?
  38. Image:Phebe op de laptop
  40. the ʻsuper logoutʼ
  41. ultimate risk-reduction
  42. FosteringResponsibleCitizenship
  43. “Digital citizenship isnʼt just about recognizing and dealing with onlinehazards. Itʼs about building safe spaces & communities, understanding how tomanage personal information, and about being Internet savvy - using your onlinepresence to grow & shape your world in asafe, creative way, and inspiring others to do the same.” (Digizen)
  44. Visitors vs. Residents
  45. Internet users are more active involuntary groups and organizations than non-Internet users.
  46. Understanding When & How to Share
  47. Understanding When& How to To Be Private
  48. Creating & Sharing With Others
  49. DemonstratingRespect & Netiquette
  50. Understanding How toNavigate the Digital World
  51. web: twitter: courosa google: