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Map your future

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Map your future

  2. 2. Internet-based Printing from Off-set to Digital from black and white to color newapplications and Technologyfor printing NEW TERRITORIES
  3. 3. Delight their customers in everyway, therebyearningtheir loyalty Optimize their operations and get more jobs through their shop Save money via cost controls and maximize profitability Grow their business now and over time Customer business objectives
  4. 4. Committedto Success Delight Customers Produce MoreJobs Grow Your BusinessReduce Your Costs
  5. 5. Product/Solution SalesandMarketingSupport Evaluation OrderAssessment Relationship Service BusinessDevelopment Partnership RenewalUpgrades InstallationIntegration Training Grow Evaluate ImplementDevelop Execute Differentiate from your competition
  6. 6. New Applications AwardWinningIQ, InnovativeSolutionsAutomationSoftware DigitalAssessment BestoftheBest SocialMedia WorldClassAnalyst GHCCI BDC OpenHouseKit Sales/MktingTools Awardwinningsvc ThoughtLeadership CaseStudies WorkflowAnalysis SocialMedia Productupgrades Partners Equip Installation AwardWinningSvc CustomerTraining AdvancedSolutionConsultants Grow Evaluate ImplementDevelop Execute Differentiate from your competition
  7. 7. Wehavethe recourses 65%Black and White 75%color
  8. 8. Marketleader and Marketmaker Sales of $3.5 Billion We serve print service providers in both enterprise and graphic Communications environments We provide technology, workflow, solutions, services, business tools, and world class service and support Market Leader and Market Maker
  9. 9. Marketleader and Marketmaker