10 future workplace trends

CPA Australia
15 de Feb de 2016

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10 future workplace trends

  1. WORKPLACE TRENDS FOR 201610 Leadership .Strategy . Business
  2. Leadership .Strategy . Business
  3. Leadership .Strategy . Business In 2016, forward-thinking workplaces want to make it easier for employees to balance office life with personal life, with health and wellbeing set to become a major focus.
  4. New desks Standing desks move to become the norm in meeting rooms and other work zones. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  5. Activity-based working Looking to cut costs and increase collaboration, organisations are moving towards non-assigned workspaces. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  6. New facilities “End-of-trip” facilities are in, such as showers, bike parking and change rooms, and the traditional lobby is being activated to include meeting rooms to reduce expenditure on rent. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  7. Diversity Organisations are encouraging employees to travel and bring their experiences back with them to the workplace. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  8. Co-mentoring Businesses are pairing senior staff with a wealth of knowledge with junior staff who have technological know-how in a co-learning relationship. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  9. Flexibility Young families and older workers, plus Generation Y and the Millenials, seek greater autonomy in working hours and location of work. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  10. Wellness technology Cloud-based technology allows employees to work more fluidly, and wellness areas within the workplace, such as sleeping pods, allow workers to be more productive. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  11. Social media rising A big trend will continue to be around social media, plus data collation and measurement in ways not seen before. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  12. Incentives Organisations will move away from prizes, awards and commendations and focus on building an ongoing culture of growth and opportunity. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  13. Management Annual performance reviews make way for more regular ongoing feedback, and leaders focus more on how they can improve human performance. READ MORE Leadership .Strategy . Business
  14. Usual end slide Leadership .Strategy . Business INTHEBLACK.COM