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Website Development Create Digital Design

Our developers at CREATE design custom Web sites to drive and engage your end users through innovative, modern marketing solutions combined with technology to direct end user ACTION. We will work within your budget to CREATE your digital masterpiece.

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Website Development Create Digital Design

  1. 1. Website & Platform Development Proposal CALL US TODAY @ 843.580.5059
  2. 2. Introduction This material contained in our response and any material or! information disclosed during discussions of the proposal represents! the proprietary, confidential information pertaining to ISM! methodologies and methods. ! ! By accepting this response, client agrees that the information in this! proposal will not be disclosed outside the Organization and will not! be duplicated, used, or disclosed for any purpose other than to! evaluate this proposal. This proposal is subject to a mutually! approved agreement or contract specifying full terms and conditions.! ! ! The contents of this document are provided to the client in! confidence solely for the purpose of evaluating whether the contract! should be awarded to ISM.! !
  3. 3. Company Profile Create Digital Design is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Charleston, SC & Miami, FL. ! ! ISM has over 1,700 clients across the world including; McDonalds, Maxim Magazine, Comcast, Tribune Media, ! The Power Couple (Ashley & Nick Sarnicola) & Small Businesses across US, Canada, Australia and Switzerland.! ! The agency is bifurcated into two parts: Platform Development & Digital Marketing! ! Platforms we develop include; WordPress, HTML, HTML5, Ajax, PHP, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ Pinterest, LinkedIn, Joomla. ! The Digital Marketing services include; Cost-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns (Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Bing) & Content Management (timeline, blog, copywriting). !
  4. 4. Executive Summary ✤ The Client requires a brand new website platform to support their organizational goals. A clean, modern style with an intuitive interface.! ✤ New site will retain the original site’s content with an upgraded look and feel. This is in addition to any new content provided to us by the client.! ✤ Site will be mobile friendly and work on all devices from an iPhone to a 40” monitor. ! ✤ Site will include a built-in CMS (Content Management System). ! ✤ Site will include a Built-In-Blog. ! ✤ Site will be developed with “on-page” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionality built-in. ! ✤ Site will be fully integrated with existing and new Social Media platforms.
  5. 5. Content Management System ✤ Easy to use Content Management System (we will provide initial training).! ✤ Manage your website from any location.! ✤ No HTML or FTP experience necessary, intuitive interface.! ✤ Multiple user functionality.! ✤ Client will have the ability to add pages, images, and fully manage the website platform.! !
  6. 6. Built-In Blog ✤ Search engines love WordPress websites and blogs (the code behind WP is clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index your content).! ✤ Unique category labels allowing for both news feeds and blogs. ! ✤ Create Digital Design will provide full training until you feel comfortable blogging on your own.
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ✤ The architecture of the site will include H1-H5 headers, Meta tags/descriptions/keywords, Image Alt tags, Header tags, Title tags, Keywords, Visitor Facing site-map, XML site-map, etc to enhance the visibility of The Client on search engines. This is also known as “on-page” SEO. 
 ✤ Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the art and science used to move a website to the top of the organic (free, natural) search results page based on targeted keywords. Our advanced SEO team will use best practiced and the latest SEO techniques to drive your site to the top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is also known as “organic” SEO.
  8. 8. Organic Search Result SEO ✤ The goals of organic SEO are to make available a sites content, presented in a structured and targeted format, that the search engines can interpret and make a decision on where that content will appear in a search result. A single purpose of maximizing the number of potential indexed pages a search engine will extract from a web site and to place in organic search results based on a desired category, term or phrase a user may type into a search window to find a product or service.! ✤ We use only white hat SEO technique, which is the ethical practice used to optimize a website in order to achieve optimal online visibility. The technique refers to the use of tactics and SEO strategies that focus on a human audience (as opposed to just the search engines) and follows search engines rules and policies.! ✤ The benefits of organic search results are they are free. The more organized content that the search bots can find generates more or different search results for a term of phrase. More indexed pages creates more organic search result placement of a product or service under variables of the desired keywords desired. With proper SEO deployed within a website, the resulting placement of a site’s pages in search results can be controlled.
  9. 9. Organic SEO: Website Audit ✤ SEO Website Audit: We conduct an extensive review of your website structure to identify the needed changes to achieve your companies goals -- site title, name, description, sitemap.xml, categories, tags, images, headers, videos, etc. All must relate to the target organic search result placement to be achieved. ! ✤ We make sure your web site can be indexed by search engines by giving it good architecture that’s easy to navigate. Organic SEO is the backbone of this. It is the structuring of a web site to enable search engines to find, catalogue, and inventory the content of a web site for the sole purpose of generating organic search results from this inventory.! ✤ Writing for Blogs is not the same as writing a brand message in a press release or media article. A structure is required, in which the article follows specific guidelines, set forth for SEO best practices.
  10. 10. Organic SEO ! ! ✤ Evaluate a Web Site: The first step is to look through a sites entire structure and to identify the needed changes to achieve the goals of a client. Site title, name, description, sitemap.xml, categories, tags, images and videos. All must relate to the target organic search result placement to be achieved.! ✤ Keywords: Keywords are used throughout the process of SEO site development. They are important to understand in how the use of keywords effects the overall site placement in organic search results. We will use Google tools to identify the correct keywords for organic search results, site keyword structure, categories, meta tags and indexation. Keywords have a difference in values. There is a difference between high value keywords and non value keywords. High value keywords are harder to have a site placed within organic search results based on what is called competition value.! ✤ Testing Environments: We use a free WordPress blog as the means to test the overall structure being developed for a specific client. This idea allows for keyword testing, category descriptions, tags and indexation. We use this process to control the search results and how that result will appear in search engines. The tool allows a person to quickly grasp the reaction to search engines, the right keywords, headlines and excerpt to control how the organic search result will appear and where. Also, what page the information will appear on and how it appears. Meaning when a person finds this organic search, the headline and terms are clear to the user, of what the value proposition is their about to click on.
  11. 11. Organic SEO ! ✤ Site Structure: Search engines expect a site structure to follow an order to index the content and have that content land in a specific search result. Once we can identify the correct keywords, category descriptions and tags in the testing site, this information is then used to develop the perfect SEO structure for the live site.! ✤ Site linking and Social Media: Each site has unique information to be presented to a search engine. Once the structure is identified the process is taking the live site and applying these rules. We will manage content in such a way as to have it related to the site structure and to be able to apply these rules to each piece of content within a site. Examples are each page of content, image, blog or news article, videos and images have a search result value. We assign correct categories and tags to a piece of content to control the search result placement. Social media is the best way to get out there and engage potential customers. The setup of a complete social media network is crucial to building your brand and is required. Naming of your social media sites must follow the structure of the main site in order to attract the right interests from those finding or wanting to be friends. While most web sites use limited SEO connections, we use a variety of social media sites; StumbleUpon, Pinterest and, to name a few.
  12. 12. Organic SEO ✤ RSS Feeds: RSS feeds are aggregated news feeds to sites that include Google and aggregators such as Ping-O-Matic. You can have followers to your feeds using applications like FeedBurner, Feedage and Friend Feed. We will use these tools to analyze the results. ! ✤ Tools to Monitor Your Sites Placement in all Search Engines: We use Google and Bing Webmaster tools. All other search engines use the results of these tools as the pattern for placement of a piece of content in a search result. With Google tools a user can see the page each piece of content is placed in a Google search result. Hence, you can see trends of movement in your content. This is important as each day one will see changes in where content is placed. These tools also indicate where each post, page or article is placed in a search result. This tool allows us to change trends and to move content around within search results by making slight changes to the original content and then submitting this update to Google.
  13. 13. Organic SEO ✤ Writing Content for the Web: A site is all about content, keywords, descriptions of tags, pages, images, video, blog posts and news articles. Often those attempting to use SEO lack the understanding how to write or describe the relationships. Writing for the web is different than writing for print. We incorporate natural writing using short and concise sentences as well as short paragraphs broken up with headings. Keywords are found in the title, excerpt, and flow naturally throughout the content of the article. ! ✤ Targeting Your Site by Geo Mapping: Google and Bing offer a means to Geo target your content, country and in some cases can Geo target your content down to regions of the world. This is a process of using Google to make these decisions based on the site structure and the content placed within Google to index. For some of our clients, the goal is to have search result placement in specific regions of the world. This can be achieved by the use of specific keywords. If your site has categories like New York, Manhattan, Dubai, investment, property, etc. your web sites content will appear in these search terms a user might type to find your property offering.! ✤ Google Analytics is used as a means to determine a Geo location of traffic to your site. The analytics are used to identify traffic sources by region of the world to your site.
  14. 14. Online Social Media ✤ The Client requires a brand new Social Media platform to support their organizational goals; help engage new/current clients, and to build a large national fan base.! ✤ The development and design of these services will include the following; completed profile, formatted header area/profile image/logo, custom background, customized tabs/apps, etc.
  15. 15. Digital Marketing Services ! ✤ Content Management (posting, fan aggregation, blogging, etc.)! ✤ Google AdWords! ✤ Social Media Ad Creations/Buys (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)! ✤ CPC Campaigns ! ✤ Press Releases! ✤ Landing Pages
  16. 16. Social Media Advertising Campaign ✤ We work with you to CREATE a strategy to establish and engage with your fan base, and build awareness of your brand by creating an identity for you in the Social Media world.  We do this through Content Management Services & Digital Advertising Campaigns. ! ✤ We create scalable, meaningful campaigns through CREATE Ad Managements systems.  This provides you with your direct target market and optimized Facebook campaign success. ! ✤ We create campaigns based on LIKES, application installs, local promotions targeted to zip codes or to simply test your product in the Social Media world.  Our team comes up with CREATIVE strategies and promotions to drive targeted customers to your site. **Test campaign includes multiple ad creations with analytics run the first 3 days to identify your BEST ad. From our experts advice you will decide on the daily FB (Pay per click/impression) for the 7 day period.
  17. 17. Phase I - Platform Development ! ✤ $X,XXX.xx Website Design & Development: ~ 20 page website with The Client; Home, About, Services, Products, FAQs, Links & additional supporting pages; ~ 20 Business Days! ✤ $X,XXX.xx Social Media Package (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube): completed profile, formatted header area/profile image/logo, custom background, customized tabs/ apps, etc. Includes the synchronization of all The Client online social media properties (Website & ALL Social Media properties); ~ 20 Business Days ! ✤ $X,XXX.xx Custom Content Management: FB/Twitter Timeline Posting, Fan Aggregation, & Promotion driving both awareness and engagement (geo-targeted in area of your choosing); ~After Completion of Project! ✤ $X,XXX.xx Organic Search SEO Campaign/Maintenance: Website/Keywords Audit, Blogging, Site Linking/Social Media, Google Webmaster Tools (analytics); ~ After Completion of the Project ! ✤ 1 year FREE - Ongoing High-Speed Hosting & Technical Support $100/year, after 1st year
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  27. 27. Contact Info! ! Website:! Phone: 843.580.5059! Email:! ! ! ! Located in Miami, F.L. & Charleston, S.C. !