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Social Analysis of Online Grocery Delivery

When online grocery shopping services are similar, how do consumers differentiate between brands? Crimson Hexagon studies brand affinity expressed on social media of Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct, and Peapod and finds the positive and negative drivers of online conversation for each brand.

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Social Analysis of Online Grocery Delivery

  3. 3. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL SERVICES: AmazonFresh  FreshDirect  Peapod BUSINESS QUESTION: What drives consumer adoption of online grocery delivery services? METHOD: Perform contextual analysis of social media conversations about AmazonFresh, FreshDirect, and Peapod since January 2012 to uncover the unique appeal of each online grocery delivery service to consumers. CASE STUDY: ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY
  4. 4. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Learn More About Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight ™ Platform Click Here for An Introduction To
  5. 5. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Consumer Opinion of AmazonFresh (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•2,020Relevant Posts FINDINGS: A. 20%are excited by the availability of new grocery items on AmazonFresh, includinglocal products B. Many consumers intend to adopt AmazonFresh when it is available in theirarea (18%) • Proportionofconversationhas increased17%since Jan 2012 C. Only 3% of customers choose AmazonFresh for convenience over B&M grocers ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: AMAZONFRESH B A C
  6. 6. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL FINDINGS: A. Poor UX and website errors drive criticism of AmazonFresh (7%) B. AmazonFresh’s delivery fee for orders under $100 represents another major pain point C. A small percentage of conversation is upset because AmazonFresh deliversto the surrounding area, but not to theirspecific zip code (3%) ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: AMAZONFRESH Consumer Opinion of AmazonFresh (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•2,020Relevant Posts C A B
  7. 7. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Found out Amazon Fresh will deliver Top Pot doughnuts with your groceries. Never leaving my future house ever again. Dear Seattle, just discovered AmazonFresh delivers Samurai Noodle ramen kits. They are so good it's insane. Amazon prime is amazing and now theres amazon fresh wtf I need it even though I don't really neeeed it Bad @FreshDirect service for past 5mo (dmged goods, wrong price…) & reimbursement doesn’t cut it. Stopped using. Can’t wait for Amazon Fresh SAMPLE VERBATIMS: AMAZONFRESH
  8. 8. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL FINDINGS: A. Praise of food freshness from FreshDirect is largest driver of positive conversation (18%) B. Only 5% of customers choose FreshDirect for convenience over B&M grocers C. Intent to adopt FreshDirect when it is available in their area is far lower thanAmazonFresh (4% vs. 18%) Consumer Opinion of FreshDirect (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•15,730Relevant Posts ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: FRESHDIRECT C A B
  9. 9. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL FINDINGS: A. 27% of conversation urges others to boycott FreshDirect, claiming the company uses government funds to pollute the area with their fleet of trucks; also pay non-livable wages to workers B. Consumers also vent about FreshDirect’s late deliveriesand limiteddelivery schedules (11%) C. Another 7% of conversation complains about unsatisfactory customer service Consumer Opinion of FreshDirect (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•15,730Relevant Posts ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: FRESHDIRECT C A B
  10. 10. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL @thebioniclimb please consider impact of using FreshDirect: 1,000 daily truck trips through South Bronx n'hood with asthma rates 8X natl ave @freshdirect we don't want $127 Mil of taxpayer $ 2 fund corp welfare or their 1000 trucks daily on our streets! These tangelos I got from fresh direct are SO sweet and juicy! Yum! SAMPLE VERBATIMS: FRESHDIRECT
  11. 11. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL FINDINGS: A. The top reason customers adopt Peapod is convenience over B&M grocers (37%) B. Consumers also highly value Peapod’s online discounts and coupon program (10%) • Proportionofconversationhas increased12%sinceJan 2012 C. Intent to adopt Peapod when it is available in their area is lowest among the three competitors (2% vs. 4% vs. 18%) ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: PEAPOD Consumer Opinion of Peapod (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•6,272Relevant Posts C A B
  12. 12. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL FINDINGS: A. Largest complaint with Peapod is frustration with late deliveriesand limiteddelivery schedules (12%) B. Almost equally discussed are order fulfillmenterrors and forgotten items in deliveries (10%) C. Additionally, consumers complain about Peapod’s prices and the minimumorder amount (6%) ONLINE GROCERY DELIVERY: PEAPOD Consumer Opinion of Peapod (1/1/2012–6/18/2013)•6,272Relevant Posts C A B
  13. 13. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Used Peapod to do my Thanksgiving grocery shopping - one way to avoid the crowd for only $7 delivery + tip. It's my kind of leverage! My mom doesnt realize that peapod delivery is for old ppl who cant go out to shop, not middle aged housewives too busy on facebook to go out Does @PeapodDelivers ever come on time? Nope. Do they do anything about it? Nope. Might be OUT and shop myself SAMPLE VERBATIMS: PEAPOD
  14. 14. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL SUMMARY FINDINGS: THREE COMPETITORS Competitor Volume Positive Sentiment Intent to Adopt Convenience Over B&M Primary Appeal Top Complaint 2,020 Posts 75% 18% 3% Product Mix: New Releases and Local Items Poor UX, Website Errors 15,730 Posts 50% 4% 5% Food Freshness Pollution, Non-Livable Wages 6,272 Posts 66% 2% 37% Convenience Over B&M Grocers Late Deliveries, Limited Schedule
  15. 15. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL Crimson Hexagon, founded in 2007, is the leading provider of analysis software that delivers business intelligence from social media data for global corporations. Powered by patented technology developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, the Crimson Hexagon ForSight™ platform delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Big Data analysis capabilities for a variety of large-scale data sources. Clients include leading global organizations such as: Microsoft, Samsung, Paramount Pictures, General Electric, Starbucks, Twitter, and many more. For more information go to: CRIMSON HEXAGON