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Erasmus master denmark 2018 1

4th Junior High school of chania
Erasmus MASTER
Denmark 2018
Students impressions

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Erasmus master denmark 2018 1

  2. 2. What impressed me in Denmark? The first that impressed me in Denmark were the buildings which were very beautiful and big. The school was also really huge with a lot of facilities. Also the weather was really cold.
  3. 3. What impressed me in Danish school I visited? The school was huge, with a lot of facilities and the lesson was really exciting. The school program was also really interesting because students could do many activities
  4. 4. Some words about the pupils from Denmark,Finland,Swiden and Spain Students from all the countries were really friendly so we could do many things together. Especially students from Denmark because we have the same interests and hobbies.
  5. 5. Some words about the Danish teachers. They had a lot of energy to do many things .They were also really friendly and helpful with all the students.
  6. 6. Some words about the Danish host family. (Joseph):Family was really friendly, we done many things together. For example we cooked pasta and we ate it all together. Also we played bowling and many other games. • (Aggelos):Family was really friendly, we made a lot of things and we had fun all together. • For example we went for a walk in the forest and after that we went back home and baked biscuits .
  7. 7. What is different from my life in Chania. To begin with the weather is really cold In Denmark and in Chania its really warm . Everything was more organized in Denmark in difference with Chania.
  9. 9. What do we have in common? Life in both countries is really good and interesting. Adults also work a lot. About children we have a lot of things in common, for example playing football and other sports.