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ERASMUS MASTER - Newsletter Spain MAY 2018

Newsletter Spain MAY 2018
4th Gymnasium of Chania

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ERASMUS MASTER - Newsletter Spain MAY 2018

  1. 1. MASTER newsletter Μay 2018 The mobility and hosting experience of the Greek team during the project meeting in Spain. I Photo1 .Erasmus corner in the school
  2. 2. The second mobility of our Erasmus+ Master project with 5 pupils and 2 teachers from the 4th gymnasium of Chania took place from the 19th to the 25th of May in Virgen del Pasico School in Torre Pacheco, Murcia region. Specifically, the pupils took part in all mobility activities and had the chance to meet and work together in a playful interaction within an international European team of pupils from Spain, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The activities were very well organised by the Spanish hosting school and included riddle solving, dancing, escape room, common reflection on the way pupils collaborate and much more. The outdoor activities included a meeting with the Mayor of Torre Pacheco and a visit to the town of Cartagena. Last but not least the pupils were hosted by Spanish families so as to experience the Spanish way of living that culminated in the last day’s fare well meeting and common dinner at the beach “los Alcanzares” in the presence of the teachers and parents involved in the project. Photo 2. Collaborative activities at the Spanish school Pupils reports shed light on the most important experience our pupils have had. Lets see them though!
  3. 3. My experience in a foreign country started with a lot of anxiety about what i am going to meet there, it evolved though into a life experience both for me and for the rest of the Erasmus group. Through this experience, i saw so many things i would not have seen if i had come simply as a tourist. And these include the Spanish school, the people of the country and more specifically the hosting families and the Spanish pupils. I am proud of myself because i managed to open up relatively quickly and to feel like home despite the fact that we spoke different languages and the puzzlement i felt in the beginning. Manolis Vyzirakis All people were very hospitable and friendly, welcoming us with smiles and love. In the beginning i felt embarrassed but progressively i adapted and had a great time. My best moments were when we were meeting in groups in the afternoons and we made fun of each other. I wish more pupils could live this experience, because it is about creating unforgettable memories. I think i was a friendly and active guest and in September i expect from my hosting mate to do a lot of things together, have fun and not be on our mobile phones all the time, because what is important is the present moment! Emmanouela Papoutsaki
  4. 4. Photo3. It is also about having fun together... My favourite things in this trip were meeting new people, the places we visited and the food we tried. But mostly, all the experience I got for travelling without my parents and being independent (kind of) Speeding a lot time with the kids, made a bond between us and memories we will never forget. However, this trip has an end. If I could, I would stay one more week, not for the country, but for the friends I made. When they come to Greece I believe we will have an unforgettable time. Alexandra Thatsi