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Erasmus master spain - may 2018

Erasmus MASTER
May 2018

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Erasmus master spain - may 2018

  2. 2. What impressed us in Spain? • There are various things that impressed us in Spain. First of all, we were impressed by the spanish monuments. • Moreover, the drivers are very careful in contrast to the greek drivers. • Finally, a fact that impressed us, is that there are few rubbish bins.
  3. 3. What impressed us in the spanish school we visited? • The fact that the teachers wear doctors’ uniforms and that the students wear uniforms. • Also, they have a big playground for the students that are 9-18 and a different playground for the younger pupils. • Furthermore, they put music when the school starts and ends. • Finally, they only have two breaks of 30minutes each and their ring has a strange sound like a chainsaw.
  4. 4. Some words about the pupils and teachers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Spain! The pupils from Finland and Sweden are very closed, in contrast with the pupils from Denmark and Spain that are very friendly. The teachers from all the countries are very commnunicative, but we liked especially two teachers from Denmark and from Spain. The teacher from Denmark(Brigitte) and from Spain the responsible for the program (Marife) and the English teacher (Fran).
  5. 5. Some words about my Spanish host family All the families are very hospitable and they made us feel like our home. We were treated as if we were a part of their family and we had a great time together.
  6. 6. What is different from my life in Chania? • They have different type of food. For example, the traditional food of Crete is Pilafi and the traditional food of Spain is Paella. • Their daily routine is easier than here because they have not extra school classes in the afternoons. • All the places are far away from each other. For example, from Torre Pacheco(the place we stayed) to Murcia was 40 minutes far.
  7. 7. What do we have in common? • Both of us are hospitable and friendly. • Our sunny and mild climate.
  8. 8. My experience with one word Emmanouela -unbelieveable Manolis -unforgetable Doris -Fantastic Kyriakos -Amazing Awesome Alexandra
  9. 9. Last but not least….. It was a tiring trip but we loved it. We also visited Milan and it was a fantastic experience that we want to live again and again!!
  10. 10. We can not wait to meet them until September! We thank our teachers that they chosed us to go to Spain and we had this chance to meet new people and new places. Finally, we thank the spanish families for their hospitality and for the love that they gave us!