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Newsletter. Greek mobility - Oct 18

4th Gymnasium of Chania
Greek Mobility - Oct 2018

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Newsletter. Greek mobility - Oct 18

  1. 1. MASTER newsletter Οctober 2018 The GREEK mobility. (Crete 29/9-5/10/2018), through the eyes of the Greek host pupils. The 4th Gymnasium of Chania had the chance to host 19 pupils from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Spain together with their 9 teachers in the framework of the Erasmus Master project. The mobility activities aimed at creating a fruitful experience among all participating pupils through a series of common ACTIVITIES in the following areas: Sport and Dance (day 1), Nature (day 2), Culture (day 3) and Gastronomy (day 4). Each activity represented a challenge and an invitation for the pupils to think how they act when they meet a challenge, but also have fun together with their fellow pupils from other countries. The programme had the following structure:
  2. 2. Hiking Imbros Gorge together tto Getting to know each other through team building activities. The 1st day included a series of ice breaking team activities. National teams presented their home countries, town, school and family and then international mixed teams were built. The first challenge was to play an interactive knowledge game using the kahoot app. Then each team competed in sport games that took place in the school gym and finally the day ended with Greek dances. The 2nd day was an excursion day. Pupils were taken to the ancient theatre of the ancient town Aptera, where they had a short artistic presentation of their countries. Afterwards pupils had a 3hour hiking through Imbros gorge, where they experienced the beauty of Cretan nature. The day ended with a swim at Fragokastello beach. The 3rd day was also an outdoor activity day in the old town of Chania. Teams explored the town by playing an interactive game using their mobile phones.(hidden treasure). For each point of cultural interest that each team discovered, they gained a letter. When the game was over, teams were gathered in Chania Sailing club, where they had to form words in their own language with the
  3. 3. In the sailing club of Chania The team “Multiinterest people” presents its food creation: Danish pizza rolls. given letters. The day ended with a reflection activity on practical optimism and a common drawing on what optimism represents for each group. In the last activity day, teams faced a challenge in the field of cooking. They were asked to co -create with their team a food or a drink that would be tasted in the farewell barbeque party that took place in the same afternoon. A specific ingredient and budget as well as time management indications were given to them. The results were fantastic. Greek pupils were thrilled to have met and hosted the project pupils and create new friendships. The majority described the experience as “life-changing”, as it opened a door for them to new friendships and cultures, despite their initial fears. They enjoyed the fact of sharing their space and taking care of their guests, but also the
  4. 4. strengthening of the bonds with their own schoolmates that participated in their project. Below pupils describe their experience in their own words… “My experience was extraordinary. In the first day with my guest we were silent, but after Sunday we started to talk, find things in common and have fun with the rest of the students. At school every day was a new challenge for me. The group I was part of, was very cooperative and we all helped each other when needed. The activities were fun, yet challenging, because we had to find a common way of acting. The nights out were remarkable and unforgettable.” Margarita “My experience those days were more than incredible. I made a lot of new friends and we had a lot of fun together. The girl I hosted was one of the best people I have met, we did so many things together and we became something like sisters. Even though in the beginning it was a little awkward, I knew straight that this week would be one of the best of my life”. Filio “These days I had a fantastic time just like the time I had been hosted. Moreover, i discovered that I like very much to be a host of a person from abroad. I would like to add that this programme is creative and nice, but when we have to say good bye is the hardest part.” Aggelos. “My hosting experience was exciting. I would like to do this again and again, if I had the chance. Also all the activities that we did were interesting. The one I will never forget was the quite tiring hike in the Gorge!” Argyris “My experience as a host was incredible. First and foremost lets note that I was not comfortable. The lack of good communication because of the language and the all day schedule were a bit stressing. However, day by day it was getting easier. Like in my experience in Spain, you first do not want to go, but then you do not want to leave. It is strange.” Kyriakos As a host I had a far better time than I expected. We had to plan a programme together with the other host pupils for the places we would take our guests. We were worried whether they would like our food. We had to communicate in another language and spend every minute of the day together for a week. Despite all these, I had a great time and I would like to do it again, because we created in a short time a deep bond between us.” Alexandra