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Swiss-Belhotel Craig Rispin Keynote "Know First, Be First, Profit First" May 4, 2018

Swiss-Belhotel Craig Rispin Keynote "Know First, Be First, Profit First" for the GM Conference Jakarta May 4, 2018

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Swiss-Belhotel Craig Rispin Keynote "Know First, Be First, Profit First" May 4, 2018

  1. 1. CraigRispinCSP
  2. 2. “Craig we’ve seen more changes in the last 3 years than in the past 30.”
  3. 3. And it’s only getting faster. 75 YEARS 38 YEARS 13 YEARS 4 YEARS 3.5 YEARS 3 YEARS 2.5 YEARS 19 DAYS TIME TO REACH 50 MILLION USERS
  4. 4. Discuss With Your Neighbour: What Incredible Innovations Have You Seen in Your Industry 
 in the Just the Last Few Years?
  5. 5. Today I’m Here to Serve You...
  6. 6. Do You Have an Open Mind?
  7. 7. We are Entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution…
  8. 8. Title Text The 4th Industrial Revolution 4IR is driven by the disrupting technologies of AI, IoT, and Blockchain
  9. 9. Title Text Digitalization of the travel and tourism industry creates value for the society and the environment The digitalization of aviation, travel and tourism could unlock more than $1 trillion of value for the industry and society over the next decade. Societal benefits include cost and time savings for consumers and reduced environmental footprints. [WEF report]
  10. 10. Discuss with a Partner: Are You/Your Org Focused on Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Last One?
  11. 11. Did You Know - That in 2028? Video & Discussion
  12. 12. Discuss with a Partner: What Did You Find Most Interesting in the Video?
  13. 13. “If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside - the end is in sight.” -Jack Welch
  14. 14. Living in the Age of Dichotomy...
  15. 15. Peril & Opportunity Disrupted & Disruptors High-Tech & High Touch
  16. 16. Innovating the World of Travel and Tourism: A hotel room automatically adjusting to your preferences Virtual reality headsets as brochures Robot welcomes you and check you in at a hotel, makes deliveries AR using your smartphone to provide you with interactive tours AI chatbot as your virtual assistant to support you during travel Speech recognition allows you to order room service in China in your own language A virtual key sent to your WhatsApp to let you open your room door Paying your bills at a hotel or a restaurant using Cryptocurrency Facial recognition to let you seamlessly check-in through immigrations at airports
  17. 17. 170 Startups are Valued at More Than $1 Billion
  18. 18. Uber - World’s Largest Transport Company, Owns No Vehicles
  19. 19. Airbnb - World’s Largest Accommodation Provider, Owns No Real Estate
  20. 20. - 20% of Total Music Revenues Delivering First Positive Growth in Years
  21. 21. - 30% of Total USA Home Entertainment Revenues
  22. 22. We Will Be Getting Back to Those Exponential Trends, But First...
  23. 23. Right Now a Few Individuals are Doing What Companies Used to Do...
  24. 24. Right Now a Few Companies are Doing What Countries Used to Do...
  25. 25. Hyperloop
  27. 27. 0 110 220 330 440 550 660 770 880 990 1100 ENERGY COST PER PASSENGER FOR A JOURNEY BETWEEN LOS ANGELES AND SAN FRANCISCO FOR VARIOUS MODES OF TRANSPORT Car (30mpg, 2 passenger) Motorcycle (50mpg, 1 passenger) Airplabe (2001Transport Energy Data Book) Train (2001Transport Energy Data Book) Model S (2 passengers) Passenger Hyperloop (70% occupancy) Passenger + Vehicle Hyperloop (70% occupancy)
  29. 29. Meanwhile in NZ, The Carbon-Neutral Island by 2050…
  30. 30. Would You Like to Steal Some Good Startup Ideas?