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The Golden Age Of The A.I. Exoskeleton

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Are you up to date on how you can use A.I. to increase your productivity at work? Read on and find out!

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The Golden Age Of The A.I. Exoskeleton

  1. 1. Welcome To The Golden Age Of The A.I. Exoskeleton
  2. 2. A suite of solutions, rooted in A.I. technology, that surrounds a knowledge- based worker to augment their abilities and enables them to do more, better, faster and more accurately/efficiently.
  3. 3. Why Is This Important??
  4. 4. o Not enough time in the day to get everything done. o Accelerates human skills by augmenting intelligence instead of replacing it. o Even though it is called machine intelligence - the source data is human generated. o Learning from large amounts of data facilitates collective intelligence. o Activation of that intelligence becomes automated. o Removes barriers or “time sucking activities” – freeing you up to be productive.
  5. 5. What Does Your A.I. Exoskeleton Look Like?
  6. 6. In-meeting virtual assistant that takes notes and emails them after your meeting. Provides the news of the day, outlines her schedule and provides the weather and commute times. Predictive text technology on your phone that auto-fills in what you’re typing T9 A.I. assistant that helps schedules meetings and reduces email “ping pong” Grammar editor plug-in for the workplace Waze re-routes you thru traffic to avoid slow-downs A.I. in Action!
  7. 7. o Siri: Virtual assistant UI embedded in iPhone. o Cortana: Virtual assistant embedded in Microsoft. o Einstein: Salesforce tool that calculates the probability of closing a piece of business based on previous interaction. o Fin: Full service assistant, device agnostic. o OKRoger: Automated travel planning assistant.
  8. 8. The State Of A.I. Today
  9. 9. o Can perform mundane tasks. o Can provide insight quickly. o These tasks add up to significant time. • Scheduling meetings • Sitting in traffic • Taking notes • Editing emails o The goal = freeing up time to ensure maximum productivity with the time you have.
  10. 10. o Organizations deploying A.I. expect to see a 39% increase in revenue by 2020 and a 37% reduction in costs. o 76% cite A.I. as fundamental to their success going forward. o 64% said future growth is dependent on using A.I. o 80% plan to train and redeploy displaced employees * Source: Infosys report published Jan.17, 2017 (EconomicTimes – IndiaTimes)
  11. 11. o Virtual assistants o Scheduling assistants o Business app assistants o Conversational intelligence o Bots and automated intelligence o Connected devices
  12. 12. o Boosting productivity o Automating meetings o Note-taking and coordination o Improved communications o Data surfacing o Accessibility Source: Source:
  13. 13. o Reduce back and forth of scheduling meetings. o Add conference dial in details and other requests. o Increase time available to the users of these tools.
  14. 14. o Voice-based apps that enable better access to existing suite of tools that you use at work. o Ensures faster and more efficient usage of your existing tech stack. o Primarily a better UI for existing tool sets.
  15. 15. o Provides quick insights and overview of information from meetings between 2 or more people. × Note taking and collaboration × Sales coaching or training × Coordinating follow up × Etc. o Reduces time for post conversation or increases value of existing conversation.
  16. 16. o Removes actual live people from standard engagements and improves margins for customer service, follow up, etc. o Surfaces information that may have otherwise been buried and determines if these insights are valuable to the enterprise.
  17. 17. o Salesforce speaks about the interconnected workplace making the dissemination of information easier and faster, and ensuring the right information gets to the right people quickly. o A.I. reducing wasted time in the workplace. Source:
  18. 18. The Landscape Of A.I. (what informs the Exoskeleton) Source:
  19. 19. “Half of the activities people are paid to do in the global economy have the potential to be automated by adapting current technology. The most automatable activities involve data collection, data processing, and physical work in predictable environments like factories, which make up 51% of employment activities (not jobs) and $2.7 trillion of wages in the U.S. These activities are most prevalent in sectors such as manufacturing, food services, transportation and warehousing, and retail” -
  20. 20. 30% of the activities in 60% of all occupations could be automated — and that will affect everyone from welders to landscape gardeners to mortgage brokers to CEOs. We estimate that about 25% of CEOs’ time is currently spent on activities that machines could do, such as analyzing reports and data to inform decisions.
  21. 21. “According to recent data from work benefits giant MetLife, 56 percent of employers demonstrated a positive view of automation technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and even robots.” will-impact-the-future-workplace/
  22. 22. o Data fuels all of these tasks executed by A.I. o A.I. processes to help perform better. o A.I. takes mundane tasks off of your plate. o Let you do more with the time you do have.
  23. 23. A.I. is now table stakes. Our work, education, family life etc. are impacted by AI. We take our human abilities and augment them by using data, sophisticated algorithms, and layers of feedback-based learning.
  24. 24. A.I. Is NOT The Goal. It Is Simply A Tool To Get Us There…
  25. 25. o Workflow o Productivity o Knowledge
  26. 26. The Best Exoskeleton Is Invisible.
  27. 27. o Subtle, providing value o Adapts to our workflows o Personalized to the individual user