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Aiesec Greece National Conference

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“AIESEC Greece National Conference”, 26 & 27/11/2011, Arachova. CVexperts presentation to international and local students

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Aiesec Greece National Conference

  1. 1. Career Management &Resume Development AIESEC National Conference 26 & 27/11/2011, Arachova presented by: CVexperts, Resume Writing & Career Consulting Services Maria Pafioli, MSc.
  2. 2. Career Planning & Development
  3. 3. 9-step Career Planningp Assess your Likes and Dislikesp Assess your Personal Valuesp Research
  4. 4. 9-step Career Planningp Training & Educationp Networkingp Be flexible!
  5. 5. 9-step Career Planningp Gaining experience n Volunteer work (AIESEC)p Finding a Mentorp What are your transferable skills?
  6. 6. AIESEC SKILLS Team Member Program Team Leader Program Global Internship Program Global Community Development Program
  7. 7. p 8 & 9 October 2011, Athens
  8. 8. Employability Skills in Australiap Communicationp Team Workp Problem Solvingp Initiative & Enterprisep Planning and Organizingp Self-managementp Learningp TechnologySource: Department of Education, Science and Training, Australian Government
  9. 9. Research Results
  10. 10. Global Employabilityp Research by Manpower, 65.000 employers, 41 countries and regionsp Measuring employers expectations from October to November 2011 in terms of hiring.
  11. 11. Hiring plans globally
  12. 12. Hiring plans globally
  13. 13. Hiring plans globallyΗμέρες Καριέρας 2011
  14. 14. Hiring plans globally
  15. 15. Ημέρες Καριέρας 2011
  16. 16. 2011 Talent Shortage Surveyp Research by Manpowerp 40.000 employersp 39 countriesp Talent shortage, May 2011
  17. 17. 2011 Talent Shortage Surveyp 1 out of 3 employers (34%) faces difficulties in recruiting due to talent shortage.p Technicians, Sales Representatives, Specialized Workers, Engineers and Workers.
  18. 18. Recruiting difficultiesp Source:Manpower research 2011
  19. 19. Increase in difficulties in recruiting για τη στελέχωση θέσεωνp Source:Manpower research 2011
  20. 20. Top 10 professions where recruiting meets difficultiesp Πηγή: Έρευνα Manpower 2011
  21. 21. Reasons for Talent Shortagep Lack of experience 28%p Small number of applications / candidates 24%p Shortage of technical skills 22% (hard skills)p Candidates ask for bigger salaries11%
  22. 22. Reasons for Talent Shortagep Do not have the right values and mentality 10%p Lack of interpersonal and communication skills 7%p Do not have the right personality 6%
  23. 23. Ways to handle Talent Shortagep Training employees 21%p Looking outside the local markets13%p Changing recruiting strategies 11%p Hiring personnel that lack the skills but are good learners10%
  24. 24. Resume (CV)Writing & Profile Making
  25. 25. What is the resume?p Your sales toolp 1st example of your communication skillsp Your ticket to the interview
  26. 26. Resume Tipsp Scanned in 10 seconds – make sure important information stands outp Create section by section so it’s not overwhelmingp Write long on first draft – edit laterp Focus on accomplishments, not routine dutiesp Proofread – then have someone else proofread
  27. 27. DON’TDo not lie!
  28. 28. This is good marketingp Personalize your resumep Making it uniquep With a unique selling proposition (USP)p And relevant to the position information
  29. 29. Common Resume Sectionsp Headingp Objectivep Educationp Experiencep Computer Skills/Language Skillsp Honors & Activities
  30. 30. Optional Resume Sectionsp Certificationsp Highlights of Qualificationsp Volunteer Experience (AIESEC)p Military Experiencep Others ?
  31. 31. Headingp Name in bold – usually centeredp Name 2 fonts larger than rest of documentp Address – Permanentp Phone numberp E-mail
  32. 32. Heading Sample Joe Miner657 State St. 573-555-6258Rolla, MO 65559
  33. 33. Objectivep Clear – do not get to wordyp State position seeking
  34. 34. Objective SampleObjective To obtain a co-op or internship in the mechanical engineering field
  35. 35. Educationp Reverse chronological orderp Provide: Degree Minor Emphasisp Expected graduation month and yearp GPA – cumulative and majorp May include courses and projects
  36. 36. Education SampleEducation University of Missouri – Rolla May 2007 B.S. Mechanical Engineering GPA: 4.0 Minor: Mathematics
  37. 37. Experiencep Reverse chronological order (depending on country!)p Paid and unpaidp Job title – boldp Dates and locations of employmentp Job descriptions and achievementsp Action Verbs
  38. 38. Experience SampleExperience Wal-Mart Jan – Aug 2006 Sales Associate Rolla, MO • Provided customer service • Budgeted cash register each evening
  39. 39. Computer Skillsp Format that can be scanned quicklyp Courses you have had or currently takingp Can categorize in sections if needed: n Applications n Languages n Operating Systems
  40. 40. Computer Skills SampleComputer Skills MS Office AutoCAD Matlab HTML FortranVisio Quattro Pro Windows 95
  41. 41. Honors & Activitiesp Titles of Scholarshipsp University, community, high-school activitiesp Leadership roles – bold
  42. 42. Honors & Activities SampleHonors & Activities Eagle Scout Missouri Miner Scholarship Deans List - UMR Alpha Phi Alpha – President
  43. 43. Referencesp Always askp 3 people maximump Variety of referencesp Keep them informed
  44. 44. Reference Example Joe Miner657 State St. 573-555-6258Rolla, MO 65559 References Name – Title – Address – Phone - E-mail
  45. 45. Cover Letter
  46. 46. Cover Letterp Introduction to you and your resumep Emphasize why you are the candidate for the positionp Explain situations that are unique on your resumep Thank them for their time and consideration
  47. 47. Case Studies
  48. 48. Thank You AIESEC Greece!