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Social media opportunities and challenges in tourism marketing

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Presented at the International Conference on Travel Technology India in Kerala, India on June 8, 2013.

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Social media opportunities and challenges in tourism marketing

  1. 1. Social Media: Opportunities andChallenges in Tourism MarketingPresented to:International Conference on Travel Technology IndiaKerala, IndiaPrepared by:Chad WiebesickDirector of social media & interactive marketingTwitter: @WiebesickJune 8, 2013@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  2. 2. Largest Global Social Media Sites• Facebook is the world’s largest social network with 1billion active users.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  3. 3. India is 3rdBiggest Country onFacebookTop five countries on Facebook are United States, Brazil,India, Indonesia, Mexico@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  4. 4. In America: Social Media FastFacts• 62% of travelers use the Internetto research a trip• Over 50% of travelers havechanged plans after researchingtrips on social media sites• 70% of travelers update theirFacebook status• 76% of travelers document theirvacation by posting photos to asocial network• Source: #ICTT2013
  5. 5. Smartphones are now the most popular device used toaccess social media in Australia, overtaking laptop anddesktop computers for the first time ever.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  6. 6. With All The Social NetworksAvailable, Where Do I Start?Don’t waste time! Focus on where your audience is at.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  7. 7. Key to Success: Make Fans the HeroFollow the 80/20 rule: 80% is relevant content from fans and20% is from you (self-promotion).@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  8. 8. Align Your Social Strategy With YourBusiness Objectives• Facebook status updates with photos get the most likes,shares and comments@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  9. 9. The Secret to Facebook SuccessFacebook incentives great content by showing posts to morefans. Pages with poor engagement get seen by fewer fans.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  10. 10. How Do You Measure EdgeRank?@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  11. 11. #1 Biggest Challenge in Social Media:Measuring ROI@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  12. 12. How To Measure ROI?Top way businesses measure social media ROI is the numberof followers.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  13. 13. New York State Has The LargestNumber of Facebook Fans• Yet, only 0.9% of their fans are talking about the page.• The most popular age group are 13-17 year old teenagers.• Most of their fans live in New York City.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  14. 14. State of Florida Has Far FewerFans, But More Engaged• Average age of fans are 35-54, a demographic more likelyto have budget to travel.• Most fans live in out-of-state, a more lucrative traveler.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  15. 15. Another Reason to Not Focus onNumber of Fans@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  16. 16. An Alternative: Use Klout toMeasure Influence• The Klout Score measures influence based on your abilityto drive action. Every time you create content or engageyou influence others.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  17. 17. Traffic to Website is 2ndMostPopular Way to Measure ROI@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  18. 18. Tip1: Use An Editorial Calendar toDrive Traffic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  19. 19. Tip 2: A Blog is the Only SocialChannel You Own• Businesses that blog generate57% more leads than those thatdon’t (Hubspot, 2011)• Use• TIP: Share travel stories, thingsto do, places to visit@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  20. 20. Secret to Boost Your Website Traffic• Easier URL to remember• Better integration into main website• Improves SEO@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  21. 21. Tip 3: Pinterest Drives Traffic@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  22. 22. Tip 4: Includes Links to YourWebsite in Facebook Posts• Out of 2,400 sources of traffic to, Facebookis Top 10.• is most visited state tourism website 7 yearsin a row.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  23. 23. 2ndBiggest Challenge is Lack ofTime@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  24. 24. Tip 1: Save Time• Think about timing and consider posting different hours ofthe day. Maybe you are a morning person, but youraudience is not. Consider testing different hours of the day,including the weekend.• Take advantage of Facebook’s scheduler.* Post consistently at least 2-3 times/day@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  25. 25. Tip 2: Save Time• Not everyone is online all at the same time. Tools likeHootSuite allow you to schedule your tweets throughoutthe day, from early morning to late evening, includingweekends. can also help you find yourmost retweetable days and times.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  26. 26. Tip 3: Save Time• Use NutshellMail to get a free summary of your socialmedia activity delivered directly to your email inbox on yourschedule.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  27. 27. Summary1. Use networks where your audience is at.2. Measure your success by engagement, not number offans.3. Save time by using a content calendar.@Wiebesick #ICTT2013
  28. 28. Thank YouChad Wiebesickwiebesickc@michigan.orgTwitter: #ICTT2013