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Introduction to Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

  1. Introduction to Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)
  2. Contents 1. About Us 2. What is Blockchain as a Service? 3. Features of BaaS • Rapid Provisioning • IAM Platforms • Smart Contracts 4. Blockchain Use Cases 5. Why Cygnet?
  3. 2019 Presentation Template Design | Presented by Marketing Team USA GERMANY UK SOUTH AFRICA DUBAI INDIA AUSTRALIA Founded in 2000 1000+ Employees Worldwide 750+ Clients Worldwide Serving in 35 Countries 2000+ Enterprise-class solutions & products delivered 11 Locations from where we engage with global clients OUR VALUES Speed Integrity Entrepreneurial Spirit Team Work Mutual Respect Trusteeship About Us
  4. Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows businesses to use cloud- based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the blockchain infrastructure developed by a vendor.* *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain-as-a-Service BaaS provides a business with access to a blockchain network of its desired configuration without the business having to develop their own Blockchain and build in-house expertise on the subject.* What is Blockchain as a Service?
  5. Features of Blockchain As A Service Provider Rapid Provisioning IAM Platforms Smart Contracts
  6. Rapid Provisioning Rapid provisioning has the potential of arranging blockchain networks quite quickly without any risk being involved Ensure speed while installing the blockchain environment BaaS providers like Cygnet have no room for errors as they adopt following measures: Add extra techniques to the environment by taking care of server connection Offer dedicated and prompt technical support Offer an alternate solution in tricky situations
  7. IAM Platforms IAM or identity and access management platforms facilitate the management of digital or electronic identities. It includes all the policies to manage the identities and also offer technical support to store them. IAM platforms can control the user access for critical information within the organization. Integrating an identity management platform with blockchain network keeps the information more secured.
  8. Smart Contract Smart Contracts are a special kind of digital contract that directly control the transfer of assets. The best part is that the smart contract enforces penalties in case of failure to compliance. They facilitate credible transactions in a traceable and permanent manner without the need for third parties.
  9. Blockchain Use Cases Digital IdentitySupply Chain Management Energy MarketReal Estate Healthcare
  10. Supply chain- A crucial BaaS Use case A secure and private ledger system Visibility of the supply chain process Validating data with smart contracts Cost cutting solutions in every stage Supply Chain industries suffer from a major issue of the lack of traceability BaaS offers transparency and traceability with certain features such as:
  11. Why Cygnet?
  12. Cygnet’s Blockchain Offerings Blockchain Integration Secure custom blockchain interoperability solutions enabling technology interoperability with business process re-alignment and consensus management ICO Development Exclusive blockchain development services and support for your ICO, ranging from token design conceptualization to infrastructure maintenance. Decentralized Applications Robust decentralized blockchain application development that leverages the latest trends and breakthroughs of state-of-the-art blockchain technology Proof of concepts Blockchain implementation through validated proof of concepts and interactive mock-ups with real-time enterprise challenges and solutions Blockchain Development Blockchain development services facilitated with on-ground discovery for results-driven blockchain solutions that promise desired business outcomes. Smart Contracts Enterprise blockchain solutions for marketplaces with the help of self-executing coded smart contracts for secured and decentralized trading. Cryptocurrency Development Tailor-made cryptocurrency to stay ahead by disrupting the market in this crypto race geared up towards a futuristic economy Digital Identity Solution Blockchain-enabled document signing, and authentication solution trusted by individuals, small and medium businesses and enterprises .
  13. Cygnet’s cutting-edge Blockchain Technology Capabilities lead the way to a disruptive future powered by transparency, security, decentralization and productivity. Through meticulously crafting bespoke blockchain solutions using progressive testing, we drive quantum leaps in efficiency and innovation to set higher industry benchmarks for Enterprises.
  14. 100% Agile More aligned, higher autonomy to deliver high quality enterprise applications Technology First Adaptable & Flexible in order to serve customers irrespective of their domain Partnering with you at each engagement level, right from ideation to UAT Rapid Productization The Cygnet Advantage People Quality Teams with strong understanding of ethos & culture, fully capable of mitigating risk Proven track record of meeting best-in-class quality standard with in-house testing product ‘Testing Whiz’ Progressive Testing Scalable Architecture Engineering for the future, today
  15. Cygnet Values Speed Entrepreneurial Spirit Integrity Team Work Trusteeship Mutual Respect
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