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Build Agile Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

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The Microsoft Power Platform offers an unrivalled comprehensive set of low-code tools to meet customer’s needs. Whether building apps, workflows, undertaking an end-to-end platform modernization or looking to garner data-driven insights, the platform enables you to automate, modernize, and quickly and efficiently solve business problems, with less of a reliance on scare and expensive resources. It provides all of this in a low-code platform that natively integrates with Microsoft’s three largest cloud services, Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 and hundreds of other apps—resulting in a comprehensive end-to-end business solution for your organization.

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Build Agile Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

  1. 1. Build Agile Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform David J. Rosenthal VP & GM, Digital Business September 23, 2020 Ignite Worldwide Conference
  2. 2. Opportunities abound to improve your company’s business processes Create better customer experiences through digital transformation Achieve data-driven outcomes Enhance efficiencies by automating processes
  3. 3. But several challenges block your path Incompatibility across apps “Shadow IT” governance Using legacy technology Security and compliance Lack of actionable insights Lack of developer expertise Time and resource constraints Siloed data Complex processes Budget constraints
  4. 4. Modernize legacy tasks and processes in a secure low- code platform Accelerate and automate at scale with intelligence and ease Overcome these challenges with the Microsoft Power Platform Rapidly adapt to changing business needs with out-of- the-box solutions
  5. 5. The low-code platform that spans Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and standalone applications. Innovation anywhere. Unlock value everywhere. Build agile business processes with the Microsoft Power Platform Power BI Business analytics Power Apps Application development Power Automate Process automation Power Virtual Agents Intelligent virtual agents Common Data Service Data connectors AI Builder
  6. 6. Enhance Analytics and Visualization of Data Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands Quickly and easily build low-code apps Turn ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges Automate business tasks and processes Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes Engage with customers using built-in AI Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees—no coding required The world’s most complete low-code platform Unlock innovation, automation, engagement, and data
  7. 7. Cloud and on-premises connectivity Enjoy built-in connectivity to 350+ cloud services, content services, databases, APIs, and other services Gain seamless hybrid connectivity to on-premises systems via the on-premises data gateway Develop and register custom connectors as building blocks for citizen developers Break down data silos by using multiple data sources in a single application
  8. 8. Enterprise reliability via 100+ data centers and Microsoft’s global network edge. Compliance leadership with standards and commitments including ISO 27001, FedRamp, and EU model clauses. No standing access to data, transparent operational model, and 99.9% financial-backed uptime guarantee. Secure by design, operationalized at the physical, logical, and data layers Global, hyper-scale, enterprise-grade infrastructure Data Loss Prevention Built-in information protection and usage analytics, with full audit logs, data loss prevention policies, and more. Encryption Encryption can help protect your data both at rest and in transit. Identity and Access Identity management and multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection and secure guest access.
  9. 9. Pro Developers + Microsoft Power Platform = No Limits Develop faster than ever before Azure services Logic Apps Bot Services Analysis Services API Management Azure Functions AKS Cognitive Services Azure / Office Data Services Microsoft Graph SQL Azure SQL Data Warehouse Cosmos DB Power Platform Power BI Power Apps Power Automate Power Virtual Agents Every Developer (Low Code) Azure DevOps Pro Developer (Code First) Visual Studio VS Code
  10. 10. World-class application lifecycle management Great support for moving assets across environments using solutions Full developer isolation with access to authoritative source management in GitHub Agile process governance and team collaboration through integration with Azure DevOps Rich environment to view and manage Kanban boards, backlogs, and sprints Full automation of repeatable processes for tests and pipeline supporting any continuous integration/continuous deployment framework
  11. 11. World-class pro developer support and ALM A unified admin centerIntuitive to use and easy to learn for citizen developers A platform for all Basic Citizen developer, IT administrator, professional developer, we’ve got you CITIZEN DEV PRO DEV Complex
  12. 12. Enabling you to create end-to-end, agile business solutions Connect to all your data with 350+ pre-built connectors and custom connectors Add AI with ease through built-in cognitive services Provide IT guardrails with enterprise-grade governance and security controls Use pro-developer extensibility, enabling a “no cliffs” platform that spans the range from business users to professional developers Build standalone web and mobile apps, or customize existing apps Turn insights into actions with self-service business intelligence (BI)
  13. 13. Easily Solve Your Complex Business Challenges
  14. 14. Challenges around order management • Lag in inventory updates and order fulfilment • Mismanaged inventory and costly input errors • Desire to improve customer experience Solution Microsoft Power Platform: an end-to-end solution that supports low-code development with a seamless workflow experience Result In just a few weeks, Contoso Electronics created a complete solution that goes from direct customer engagement to identifying items in the warehouse to updating local departmental inventory—all quickly and automatically Scenario: enhancing end-to-end order management
  15. 15. Take the complex and make it easy, using our low-code platform Access and update order data Automation Create mobile apps to simplify employee workflows Mobile app Interact with Microsoft or third-party apps—even legacy apps Automation Automatically generate visualization dashboards for powerful insights Visualization Quickly create a virtual agent to provide powerful customer support Virtual agent
  16. 16. Create a virtual agent easily, with no or low code Enable AI through built-in cognitive services powered by AI Builder Act on requests using seamless automation Enhance customer engagement with a virtual agent
  17. 17. Customer requests help updating an order1 Customer enters email address, and Microsoft Power Platform looks up the customer’s order 2 The existing order is shown to the customer 3 Customer enters order changes4 Enhance customer engagement with a virtual agent
  18. 18. Run automated tasks, triggered by customer interactions Order total is presented to customer in their local currency 1 The order is processed and a ship date is presented to the customer 2 Customer sentiment data is collected when the customer rates the experience 3
  19. 19. Pick up 6 CPU Processors for Order ORD-01017-H8D17 Keyboard Router CPU Processor Printers LCD Monitor 2-1 Tablets Tablets Laptops 15” CHD Monitor Network Cables Mouse Mouse Pads Solid State HDs External HCs Video Cards Graphic Cards Order Desk Seamlessly sends the customer order to a mobile warehouse app for shipment Jumpstart apps using an extensible data model with business logic, security, and integration built in Effortless Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure integration for faster, easier app creation, along with powerful integration capabilities Build standalone web and mobile apps or customize existing apps in Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 Mobile app shows the location of the item in the warehouse1 App shows the total available stock for the item2 Worker uses device camera to scan barcode3 Worker can update inventory with the tap of a single button 4 Total Stock 9546 Total Stock 9546 Take Photo Photo Library Browse Cancel Total Stock 9546 CPU Processors 65832354 Update Inventory NO: 1 Total Stock 9546 CPU Processors 65833254 Update Inventory NO: 6
  20. 20. Leverage RPA to easily update order info in legacy systems RPA available for desktop legacy apps and web Intuitive recorder which records click-steps that are easily captured and then used for automation A Microsoft Power Automate script automatically updates the legacy inventory app
  21. 21. Automatically generate real-time visualization dashboards Connect to all your data and get a consolidated view across your business through a single pane of glass Create ad-hoc analysis, live dashboards, and interactive reports that are easy to consume on the web and across mobile devices Microsoft Power BI is the bridge between data and enterprise insights Visualization dashboards are updated in real time
  22. 22. Complete end-to-end process flow enabled by the Microsoft Power Platform Access and update order data Automation Create mobile apps to simplify employee workflows Mobile app Interact with Microsoft or third-party apps—even legacy apps Automation Automatically generate visualization dashboards for powerful insights Visualization Quickly create a virtual agent to provide powerful customer support Virtual agent Unparalleled engagement and intelligent actions, which deliver an enhanced customer experience Connecting the customer request with employees in the warehouse for seamless order fulfillment Updating real-time inventory data in an executive dashboard, providing insightful data visualization
  23. 23. Continuous innovation to empower your business • Deeper Microsoft Teams integration • Mixed reality with Power Apps • Expanding RPA capabilities • T-SQL Endpoint for CDS • Tabular Data Stream (TDS) Protocol endpoint for CDS • Follow our release plan
  24. 24. Get started today or learn more Learn more about Power Apps: Learn more about Power BI:
  25. 25. Get started today or learn more Learn more about Power Automate: Learn more about Virtual Agents:
  26. 26. Contact Information © 2020 Razor Technology David Rosenthal VP & General Manager Digital Business @DavidJRosenthal SlideShare Blog: 5 Tower Bridge 300 Barr Harbor Dr., Suite 705 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Office: 866.RZR.DATA LETS KEEP IN TOUCH 26